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Here at Picta, we’re here to help you stay connected via near or far to your loved ones! And what better way to do than with tangible printed products from your favorite memories! Whether it’s for a last-minute present, personalized posters to make your walls pop, or just photo prints to keep the memories alive ... we’re here to help!

Check out our blog - chockfull of ideas for you, from greeting card sayings and texts to motivational quotes for every occasion (hello Instagram captions!) to the perfect gift ideas for the big moments, and much more! Dive in and see what our blog holds ...

Famous Quotes
August 25, 2023

100+ Famous Quotes: Inspiration from History's Most Memorable Figures

Explore a collection of famous quotes that provide inspiration from history's most memorable figures. X min read

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Sample texts for cards in 2023
August 23, 2023

Wording samples for cards in 2023

Discover wording samples for cards in 2023 to add a personal touch to your messages. 5 min read

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Life Quotes
August 21, 2023

Life Quotes for Laugh and Think

Explore life quotes that make you laugh and think about the journey of life. 5 min read

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Love Quotes
August 17, 2023

Love Quotes and Sayings

Discover beautiful love quotes and sayings that capture the essence of love. 6 min read

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Motivation Quotes
August 17, 2023

50 Empowering Quotes to Fuel Your Journey

Explore empowering quotes that will inspire you on your journey. 4 min read

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