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How to take better sports photos

by Leah from Picta

Reading time: 5 minutes

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Learn to take better sport shots with your smartphone

Double check your camera settings

You won’t know the right tricks unless you really know your phone’s camera. It’s important to take in your phone’s settings and features, and capacities as a camera. Test everything out before the big game!

Understand your sport

Getting to know the sport that you’re shooting will help you anticipate those photo-worthy moments.

Use burst mode

The advantage of turning on burst mode is that you won’t miss a thing. This feature allows you to take a lot of photos in quick succession at the moment of your choosing.

Just hold your camera button down. Your phone will continue snapping until you take your finger off the button. But remember – the longer you hold the button, the more photos you’ll have to sort through later on 🙃

Don’t zoom

It’s better to move in close if you can. When we get zoom happy we are literally reducing the number of pixels in our photo. Avoid this by taking a zoomed out photo and then cropping it close.

However, if you have a more up-to-date phone with multiple cameras, it is likely that you have optical zoom. In this case, zoom away! Your phone’s camera is adapted to be able to zoom up to 5 times without damaging your image’s quality.

Check your lighting

Take a few minutes pre-game to take some test shots. Adjust your phone settings to ensure you’re under-exposing your images.

Don’t just photograph the players

Spectators also make great photograph subjects. Whether they are gunning for their favorite team or are supporting their kids, they’ll wear many different emotions throughout the game: anxiety, pride, joy…

Don’t edit your photos

It can wait until you get home! You don’t wanna miss out on the game.

Here are our top tips for taking better sports photos with your cell phone

  1. Understand your sport so that you can learn to anticipate those great moments.
  2. Use burst mode: it allows you to take a lot of photos in quick succession so that you don’t miss a beat.
  3. Forgo the zoom and move in close (if you can). This way you’ll get a close-up without ruining the quality of your photo.
  4. Take a few pre-game shots to check whether the lighting is good enough and adjust your phone settings accordingly.
  5. Don’t forget the spectators! They also make great photograph subjects.
  6. And lastly, leave the editing for when you get home. You don’t wanna miss out on the game.

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