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Leah Glickman

Leah Glickman
Brand Content Manager

👋 Hey there! I’m Leah and I’m the friendly face behind all the content you read here at Picta! From blog articles to wording in our apps and on our website, to emails and social media and posts (and beyond!), I’ve been handling written content for the team for over 4 years now.

When I’m not hard at work cranking out a new article on our website or an email newsletter that makes its way to your inbox, I can be found cooking up something special in the kitchen, trying out new restaurants and cafes, or on my bike or with my hiking boots for a breath of fresh air! And always taking pictures, of course … we are a group of photo lovers here after all!

Originally from California, I graduated from college in 2018 with a double major and minor and have been working in the marketing world. Time flies when you’re having fun! I love playing with words and hope our content brings you a little spark of joy or the answer to the question you were asking yourself., or simply makes you smile.

Feel free to check out my food blog here or follow us on Instagram for some more behind the scenes and photo fun!

"A creative powerhouse with a passion for crafting compelling content, killer copy, and standout branding". ✍️ 

With a flair for storytelling and a knack for capturing the essence of a brand, I bring a fresh and fun perspective to every project. 👩‍💻

Whether it's crafting a social media or email campaign, writing a killer blog post, or building a brand from the ground up, I'm your go-to gal! ✨

🇺🇸 I've worn lots of different hats in the Marketing field such as SEO, SEA, Social Ads, Copywriter, Content Creator, Retention Specialist, and more! Highly passionate and motivated to find all the different ways to make our products and company shine via the content that I create and produce!

Experience at Picta Photo - 4 years.

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