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How to take aerial photography with a drone?

by Leah from Picta

Reading time: 7 minutes

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Taking pictures with drones can create stunning images!

A breathtaking aerial view of a landscape captured with a drone

The drone is a new technological addition in many industries. Recently, more people use it for aerial photography both for personal and business use. Drones are more useful as more people have realized their numerous benefits.

A drone being utilized in an industrial setting for aerial surveillance

Pictures can say a thousand words. Creating a stunning image is powerful. So, taking pictures with drones can create stunning images. Aerial photography with drones is fantastic, but what makes the images from above more special? Here are the benefits of aerial photos and how they can open your eyes to new perspectives of land, building, and construction.

A drone's aerial view showcasing a construction site with detailed infrastructure

How To Make Epic Drone Shots

Aerial photography is a different game than photographing from the ground. It’s much more difficult and slower to make a composition and you have to think of all kinds of rules and limitations to get your shot. However, drones opened up many new angles and possibilities when it comes to photography. Small drones are so easy to bring with you in your backpack. Here are some tips on how to take a good photo with your drone.

A compact drone placed next to a backpack, illustrating its portability

  1. Higher is not always better.
  2. Composition: look for objects and place them in the 3rd grid of your frame.
  3. Google earth is your friend.
  4. A second useful tool is the Photopills app.
  5. Use a trick called ‘noise-stacking’.
  6. Drones do not have ultra wide angle lenses.
  7. Know the right weather conditions to fly.
  8. Watch your histogram closely and if needed, do automatic or manual bracketing.
  9. Use the right settings.
  10. Get confident with your drone.

A computer screen showing Google Earth interface used for planning a drone shot

Photopills app interface on a smartphone highlighting its features for drone photography

A drone flying in partly cloudy conditions, capturing the ideal weather for photography

Last, not really a tip but something important:

Close-up of a drone camera's settings adjustments

A drone hovering above a non-crowded area, symbolizing safe drone flying practices

Obey the rules but most importantly: fly responsibly. We see lots of ‘influencers’ fly above crowded cities. This is not cool. Not only is it strictly forbidden, it’s also dangerous for various reasons. Sure, everyone who flies drones flies above a road sometimes, but don’t fly above crowds of people or big cities. This is really giving the wrong example and I really don’t like to see big Instagram accounts promoting such shots and activities. Please be responsible.