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How to make a vision board?

by Leah from Picta

Reading time: 5 minutes

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Learn to create a unique vision board

What is a vision board?

Inspiring vision board example

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Vision boards are one of the most important perception tools accessible to you. The unique composition portrays where you would like to go, both literally and spiritually. Your board is a representation of your dreams, your objectives, and your idea of your best life.

Visual stimulation of your mind is key to staying motivated. By outlining your objectives with pictures and photos you will really reinforce your focus on your goals and wake up the emotional drivers that will get you where you want to be.

A vision board is a visualization tool, laid out as a board (of any kind) creating a montage of words and pictures that speak to your objectives and dreams.

To make your vision board, all you need is to print your words and photos! By putting visuals of your objectives & dreams into one space, you can easily reconnect with them. Making sure to take a look at them every day, imagining even how you will feel when they work out as expected to stay motivated. 💪

How do you use a vision board for goal-setting?

Person reflecting upon their vision board

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The most ideal approach to accomplishing your goals is to keep them in sight and top of mind. This way you’ll continually search for ways to reach them. This is where your vision or dream board comes in.

Get to living your best life as quickly as you can by placing your vision board where you can see it consistently. Your board will act as a visual reminder of your objectives and this will kickstart your psyche into action! With the Law of Attraction, your imagery will draw you to resources you need to accomplish your goals.

Add mental visualization to your morning or evening routine. You’ll be surprised at the effect it will have on your day to day motivation. Just like that, you’ll be earning promotions at work, or taking a leap to starting your own business, or planning that year abroad. You’ll be more comfortable taking the risks needed to reach the bigger pay-offs.

How to create a vision board

Collection of images from Pinterest for vision board

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Discover pictures that speak to you or represent the emotions, objects and direction you desire in your life, and save them to your phone. Look for photos, brand advertising, patterns, lifestyle images that inspire you. Pinterest is a good place to start, or just plain google. If you have magazines lying around, delve back into them too. Whatever gets you excited!

On the off chance that one of your latest selfies was viral success, consider adding it to your board. Don’t forget to also add in any affirmations or quotes. Pick words and pictures that motivate you and make you feel great.

Your vision board can communicate all your current goals, or just the one specific goal. As long as you keep it slick, and avoid jumble, your board will look great. Less is definitely more, so be careful of idea duplication and too many non complementary colors.

In the event that you are taking a shot at making changes in numerous aspects of your life, you might need to create more than one vision board: one for your personal objectives, another for work or business etc. If you do decide to create separate boards, it might make sense to leave your professional goals board at your place of work. Whatever you choose to do, figuring out how to make a dream board – and sticking to it – is the most ideal approach to envisioning your thoughts and dreams.

5 Steps to vision board success:

Steps in creating a compelling vision board

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🎯 List the goals you aim to accomplish this year:

  1. 📲 Save a heap load of pictures to your phone.
  2. 🕵🏻‍♀️ Find pictures that speak to you
  3. 🖨 Print out your photographs
  4. 😍 Build your board and look at it daily

How to use your vision board

Person looking at their vision board by the bedside

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Try keeping your board close to your bedside. Invest energy every morning and evening thinking about your objectives.

Reflecting on your goals and progress right before you hit the hay will allow them to replay in your mind through-out your sleep. You’ll wake up naturally raring to go!

Give it a little time (and of course effort), and you’ll soon see how this method is helping you accomplish things in life. Don’t remove the photos of the goals you have reached. The satisfaction you’ll feel looking at them will speak volumes.

Make a mental note of when you started, and keep track of your progress. Your dream board will become a physical record of all your achievements this year.

Make a new board each year. As you move forward and evolve, your goals will eventually change.

Complete vision board with various goals

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