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Christmas gift guide under $25 for 2024

by Leah from Picta

Reading time: 5 minutes

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Photo magnets for fridge

The cheap christmas gifts that sticks! Our personalizable magnets are the perfect gift to offer for the person always found next to the food! Whether they are cooking up a storm in the kitchen, or constantly checking the fridge to see if there is any new food, this gift is sure to please!

Photo prints

Keep it simple with a bunch of your favorite moments together, printed in less than an hour at your local store! Or, go the extra mile and turn the photos into a scrapbook or another DIY idea! With plenty of print sizes to choose from, this is just one of many Christmas gifts under $25!

Photo posters

This wallet-friendly gift is ready for same-day pickup, saving you time and money! It’s the perfect gift for the friend who lights up the room when they walk in or the home renovation-obsessed! Add in your favorite photo of the two of you or another special memory and you’re all set!

Wood Panel

This product adds a touch of the outdoors in your home on the cheap! Offer it as wall art, or it can easily be propped up on the desk (WFH life, am I right!). A sturdy gift that is sure to last!

Acrylic photo panel

Sorry jewelry, this gift is a people-pleaser for every taste! Transform your favorite photos into a personalizable gift that they are sure to love! Remind them of that summer vacation sunset photo, or a photo of the family with the acrylic panel.