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6 Secrets to Taking the Best Vacation Pictures

by Leah from Picta

Reading time: 5 minutes

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Ah vacation, the sun shining down, a drink in your hand, and at least 100 snaps of your summer trip …. or winter getaway … or spring break! Whatever floats your boat, you are there to have a great time and make some great memories! Capture the moment with your vacation pictures, and check out our 6 best tips and secrets to making each snap count!

1. Make it Unique

Tourist capturing a scenic view on a smartphone 👀 Seen That? Print That Epic View! 🖨️

Head in closer for a closeup on the details of the old cemetery graves in New Orleans, or take a step back and try to get the whole castle in the shot! Turn your phone sideways for a big impact of that white sand beach with the mountains crashing into the sea. Whatever you choose, put your own spin on your vacation photos to make every shot special.

2. Use Natural Light

Various types of cameras from DSLR to compact and mobile

📷 From Lens to Print - Capture the Light! 💡

Whether you’re out and about in the middle of the day with the winter sun on the slopes, or at the end of the day with a picture perfect sunset juuuuuust about to dip below the horizon, take advantage of natural light and play with shadows to create some cool shots. And for the night owls, don’t forget to use your phone’s night mode to play around with city life at night or some star snaps!

3. It’s All About Perspective

Photographer exploring a location for the perfect shot

🔍 Find Your Angle, Print the Moment! 🖼️

My favorite tip? Play around with perspective in your photos! Maybe there is a palm tree that you can focus on with the waves crashing behind, all dreamy and blurry-like in the background. Or throw up your Aperol Spritz in front of your phone in front of the fountain for a cool shot that puts the focus on happy hour! This creates some cool and unique photos, showcasing multiple aspects of your trip.

4. Clean Your Lens

Alarm clock with a sunrise background indicating the golden hour

⏰ Golden Hour Glory - Make It Last Forever! 🌅

I feel like this one is a no-brainer but it deserves its place in this vacation photos article. Between sand on the beach, greasy Thai food, or even a trip to the snow, your phone’s camera lens can get some wear and tear. Don’t forget to clean it off with a microfiber cloth (or a tshirt, who are we to judge) to make sure your shots are fingerprint and streak-free!

5. #CandidMoments

Individual reviewing their photos to find a theme or story

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Don’t force the pose! Some of the best photos happen when you are living in the moment. So let your boyfriend imitate the weird statue poses in the Louvre, and don’t sweat the small stuff like when the wind ruins your hair for that perfect solo-shot. After all, they are just there to keep the memories, right? 😁

6. Rule of Thirds

Hands holding a camera and exploring its functions

👌 Mastered the Settings? Print Your Masterpiece! 🎨

There’s a reason why all photographers love the rule of thirds; it makes for great vacation photos! Brush up on your Photography 101 (even if you’re doing it for the ‘gram) and dive into the rule of thirds to make sure your photo composition stands out!

And there you have it! 6 secrets for taking great vacation photos. And now you’re off on your trip away - make sure to snap some shots, but mostly make some memories! We’re standing by for when you’re ready to print them! 🩷