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Decorate your dorm room on a budget 2024

by Leah from Picta

Reading time: 5 minutes

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Decorating ideas to create a comfortable room

Students decorating their dorm room

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College move-in is a big thing! We get it, whether you are excited or feeling anxious, you will be in that room for at least 4 years. That’s why you need it to feel like home! But we also know that you don’t want to spend your summer savings on your college dorm room decorations. How can you make your freshman dorm or your bedroom in your sorority house feel like home for only a few bucks? Discover our tips to decorate your dorm room with Picta.

You probably watched a couple videos on Youtube “a day in my life as a university student” to try to get the atmosphere of college locked down. Our favorite college-video binge-watch … “How to survive freshman year of college”! Our best advice for all you first-years … always remember this ⤵️

Steps to decorate your room on a budget

Your student accommodation needs to reflect your personality! Decorating your dorm room requires a little bit more work than simply buying stuff to hang on the walls. “Decorate your dorm on a budget” simply means that its time to get creative and use that imagination to make your space look like all the Pinterest pins that you’ve been saving.

Follow these dorm decorating tips and your place will look like you in no time and for (nearly) no cost.

1. Plan your vision and the rest will follow

Vision board with inspiring quotes and pictures

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Turn your vision into specific goals will help you going through the tough days. Using these white walls to put quotes or pictures that inspire you will definitely help you to remember where you come from and where you want to go! You’re on your way and sometimes we just need a little reminder to make sure we are going in the right direction. At Picta, we believe that photos are the best way to remember the path you took. Reconnect to who you are through your photos to become the best version of yourself.

2. Wood hangers + plants = a bright and cheery room!

Dorm room with wood hangers and green plants

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Plant and wood hangers might not have been the first thing you thought about while planning your college dorm essentials but for someone on a small college budget that’s a pretty good thing to have. You can get personalized pictures printed in various sizes and products to decorate your wall. Also, succulents require minimal care (for when you ultimately forget about your little plant right around finals … hey we’ve all been there!) and look so pretty around your dorm room.

3. Gallery wall: the cost-effective way to decorate

Gallery wall with different photos in a dorm room

🎨 Gallery Vibes on a Ramen Budget 🍜

Create your own dorm wallpaper with photos. Your dorm room aesthetic will be stunning! This is also a cost-effective and such a fun way to make your room reflect your own personality. Favorite people, favorites places, pets, night out memories… there is no right or wrong way here. Whether you decide to put up the photos asymmetrically or symmetrically, the project will reflect yourself. The total cost of the project can even be under $5 or up to $20 depending on how many pictures you print.

4. Stylish storage & accessories

👗 Stash Your Stuff in Style 📦

Now that you’ve got the photos, canvas, even the plants – it’s time to add a few accessories to your college dorm bedroom. Use stylish storage or a nice bedside table to match your wall art style.

So decorating your dorm can seem like a challenge at first because but it can also be so much fun! Remember that you can actually do a lot with only a few key pieces to make it feel more like a stylish home or look like that Pinterest board that you’ve dreamed about since freshman year. Hope you enjoyed our tips to help you decorate your dorm room on a budget! You should be ready for your best school year yet! Good luck to all those heading into their Freshman all the way up to Senior year, may this year be filled with photo-worthy moments & fun adventures!