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Embrace Green Friday for a Sustainable Future

by Leah from Picta

Reading time: 5 minutes

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A Step Towards Mindful Consumption

In a world where consumerism often takes precedence, we're taking a stand this year with a different approach to the conventional Black Friday frenzy – welcome to Green Friday!

Let's make this day more about conscious choices and less about unnecessary purchases that harm our planet. We're all aware of the environmental impact of our actions, especially when it comes to products like photo paper. Unlike regular paper, photo paper requires special disposal to ensure minimal harm to our environment. That's why, instead of promoting excessive buying, we're offering coupons to those who genuinely intend to use them!

Here's a thought-provoking reality...

  • Did you know that around 20% of photo print orders are never collected and end up in the trash?
  • Surprisingly, photo paper cannot be recycled, contributing to waste accumulation.
  • We're proud to present eco-sustainable alternatives like our Wood Panels and Canvases.
  • Consider the eco-friendly strategy of consolidating your purchases to save trips to the store.

But that's not all! We have an ingenious solution to share...

  1. Introducing our innovative Designer Card Generator, transforming cherished memories into digital cards for your loved ones.
  2. We value your memories as much as you do, and we're here to help. Make use of coupon code GREENFRIDAY (valid until Sunday 11/29 at 11:59 pm EST) to enjoy a fantastic 30% discount on any of our products!
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Let's turn this shopping tradition into an opportunity to make a difference – for both you and the planet. Embrace Green Friday and let's shape a more sustainable future together!