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Guide to printing from Instagram

by Leah from Picta

Reading time: 5 minutes

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📸 Print Your Insta-Moments

Instagram is a very popular social media platform with more than 700 million users. This means that if you have an Instagram account, there are hundreds of thousands of people who could potentially see your content. This is great news for anyone looking to gain exposure for their brand or generate leads through social media. However, many businesses are wary of using the platform due to the lack of printing options on Instagram.

How do I print from Instagram?

Process of downloading Instagram photos using Igram service

🖼️ Download & Print Memories

If you want to print out your Instagram photos, it’s not as simple as downloading them onto your computer or uploading them onto a photo printing site like Picta. Instead, you need to use a service called Igram which allows you to download all your images in one go and also gives you access to other features such as filters and editing tools. The downside is that this can take some time — depending on how many photos and videos there are — but once they’re downloaded, it’s easy enough to import them into Picta Photo and get started on creating your print!

Tips for creating a print from Instagram

Importing downloaded Instagram photos into Picta Photo for printing

🌟 Create Your Print Album

Create a collage of images from your Instagram feed to create a personalized print. This is especially good as a gift for birthdays or other special occasions, as you can pick out photos that best represent the person. Make sure you crop the images correctly before importing them into Picta Photo to ensure they fit in with the rest of your collage. Use ‘filters’ on your phone to create an aesthetically pleasing image. Filters are also great for making sure everyone in an image looks their best, so if you want to post family pictures on Instagram but don’t want anyone to see how bad your children look, use filters beforehand! 

Collage created from various Instagram photos as a personalized print

🎨 Craft Your Photo Collage

You could even use filters when taking photos at events like weddings and parties so that all the snaps look great! Don’t be afraid to get creative with your photos. Whatever style of photo you like taking (nature shots, selfies or portraits), there will be ways that you can apply it when it comes time for printing — whether it’s using filters or overlaying text onto an image using editing tools. Create different mood boards based around different themes depending on what type of content you post most often (for example: travel, hobbies, family). Have fun experimenting with different layouts and styles until you find one that works well!

What’s the best way to print Instagram photos?

Using filters on a photo before uploading to Instagram

✨ Transform with Filters & Print

If you want to print Instagram photos on your own, then there are some ways that can surely help you achieve this goal. However, there is no secret formula or button that can instantly produce printed photos from your Instagram account. It takes time and effort but if done correctly, the results will be worth it. Below are some tips and tricks on how to print Instagram photos:

Print Your Instagram Photos Online: How To?

Editing an Instagram photo by overlaying text using editing tools

🌈 Turn Themes into Prints

  1. Choose your Instagram print size

Mood boards created from Instagram photos based on different themes

🖨️ Choose Your Perfect Size

  1. Whether you want to print a small image of your favorite picture or a large poster of one photo, it is important that you choose the size of the photos. You can either choose from the preset sizes such as 5×5 prints, 5×7 photo prints and many more besides these two.

Selecting the print size for an Instagram photo on a printing website

📑 Select Material & Quantity

  1. Choosing other printing options
  2. Aside from choosing Instagram print sizes, there are also other printing options that need to be taken into account. These include selecting what kind of paper material you want for your printed images as well as how many copies should be printed out. The latter option will allow multiple users to have copies of their favorite photos without having to order each copy individually so this option is quite convenient if you want several copies at once! After selecting these additional details, just hit “Order Print” and wait until it arrives at your doorstep!

Choosing paper material and number of copies for printing Instagram photos ✔️ Confirm Your Print Order

Choosing the right material for your prints is crucial. It can add an extra layer of quality and durability to your cherished Instagram memories. Whether you're looking for a glossy finish to make the colors pop or a matte finish for a more subtle and elegant look, selecting the right material can make all the difference. Think about where you will display your prints or who you will share them with, and choose a material that complements the photo's mood and setting.

Now, let's talk about quantity. Whether you need a single print to cherish a special moment, or multiple copies to share with friends and family, we've got you covered. Printing multiple copies is an excellent way to keep your memories alive in different places, be it your home, office, or as a gift to someone special. Plus, ordering in bulk can often save you time and money. So why not print an extra copy or two for those close to you?

After choosing your preferred material and deciding on the quantity, it's time to finalize your order. Our easy-to-use platform ensures a seamless experience from start to finish. Simply review your selections, confirm your order, and let us handle the rest. We guarantee high-quality prints that will bring your Instagram moments to life in a way you never imagined. So go ahead, make your selections and get ready to turn your digital memories into tangible keepsakes.

Clicking the Order Print button to finalize the printing order of Instagram photos


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