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5x5 Prints

$2.99 each
  • Size 5x5
  • Printed on high quality paper
  • Glossy or matte paper
  • Fast & safe photo transfer
  • Manufactured exclusively in the United States

5x5 Prints: review by Barry A.

Well, that's a nice format for squared images. I printed out some of them and I'm very happy with the quality.

What they say about 5x5 Prints

  • projection of a 5x5 print

    I printed some of my husband's instagram photos and created a photo book. The quality is very nice. My husband really liked his gift!

    by Natasha W.

Why 5x5 Prints is a good choice

Classic 5x5 Prints

Photographs are the substance of time itself; their physical presence holds an immediacy that is sometimes absent from other objects connected to memory. A print of an old photo can connect you not just with the people and events of the past, but with something even older—the exact instant that the initial exposure was made. Make your living space uniquely yours by displaying these miniature reproductions of your cherished family photos. Features include – 5×5 inch prints made for greater longevity, and custom frame options available.

5×5 square photo prints

Our square prints are perfect for your Instagram prints! Don’t forget to hashtag #pictaphoto and show off your new prints! Read our guide to know how to print your Instagram photos!

Picta Photo is the easiest way to print your photos online. We offer high quality prints of your photos on real silver halide paper, which gives you that professional photo lab look and feel.

Looking for 5×5 Square Prints or other print sizes? Picta Photo offers a wide range of sizes to choose from.

A few facts about the 5×5 Print Size

5×5 Square Prints are great for putting in photo albums or even framing to hang on the wall. Our 5×5 Square Prints are perfect for printing pictures from your phone. If you want to take it a step further, we offer several sizes and custom options to choose from. Take advantage of our huge savings and order 5×5 Square Photo Prints today!

Want to use your Instagram photos as 5×5 Square Prints? Simply follow these easy steps:

1. Download the Picta Photo app from the Apple App Store or Google Play or hit Print now.

2. Choose a photo from your Instagram feed and edit it to your liking. You can even add a filter to it!

3. Order your 5×5 Square Prints and choose the option.

4. Your photos will be printed on real silver halide paper and shipped to your door!

5×5 prints are the perfect fit for your Instagram photos. They are printed on Kodak photo paper, which is brighter and more vivid than regular photo papers.

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