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How to Take Dog Photos

Written by: Leah from Picta

Last Updated: Aug 18, 2023

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6 Tips to Take the Best Photo of Your Dog!

Welcome to Dog Photoshoot Ideas!

Hi there! If you keep reading this article, even after reading the title, I can tell that you are a pet lover, like us! We’re glad you’ve stayed! We all know how tricky it can be when it comes to taking a picture of your pets. And by picture, I mean a great one… not a blurry image or a half-decent snap, a real art portrait you can print. We are all proud of our little furry companions, so let’s show off how cute they can be, when they are not doing terrible things around the house like this little guy here 👇

Two Dogs at Sunset
Two adorable dogs enjoying the sunset.

How to Take Amazing Dog Photos?

  1. Relax - Have a little playtime with your pets before you start the photoshoot. If your lovely companion is less energetic, that will make the photoshoot much easier for you (this tip also works for children too 😉). After playtime, when you are back home for an indoor photoshoot, start by setting up the scene while your pets have some snacks or dinner. While everything is being set up, they should be calmer and more relaxed. The perfect time to start!
  2. Focus on the Eyes - Because they are the most expressive part of an animal’s face, they are the perfect way to shoot great snaps, especially if your phone camera has “portrait” mode. Blurring the background will give your photo a focus. A real piece of art, trust us! If you don’t want to or can’t focus on their eyes for whatever reason, you can also change the focus to another feature to get a nice close-up, like their cute, little nose for example!
  3. Shoot in Their World - If they have a favorite place to hang out, make sure to organize your photoshoot there. Why?! Think about your own attitude when you are chilling out in your favorite bar or park and how it makes you feel! Same goes for your pet, and you’ve got a better chance of capturing a smile or a natural behavior. It will also help to show off your pet’s personality in the picture. If you have a lazy dog, show him yawning, if your animal is more playful, show them in action performing their favorite trick.
  4. Look to the Light - Good light is everything in photography. If you've read our last article about how to photograph kids, you’re already a pro at this! Natural light is obviously the best, but it’s sometimes hard to have all the settings together: a good spot, the right time of the day, good exposure… Anyway, if you can’t manage all of that, just keep it simple. A colored wall with a bit of light always looks good. Look at this stunning result! 👇 It can also make the photo funnier, depending on the color of the wall and the expected result.
  5. Move Slowly - The slighter your movements, the slighter theirs will be. It’s only with a bit of patience that you can catch amazing moments like that!
  6. Share the Cuteness - One last step after your amazing photo session! Don’t forget to share these cute pictures and spread some love and good vibes. Print these photos out and decorate your home with them, or turn them into a cute card to share with your loved ones.