Wedding invitations


The invitation is a crucial part of your wedding theme. The design and the wording on the wedding invitation is very important. It shows how much you care about the couple wedding invitation wording quotes.

The wedding invitation is the first step in starting the wedding planning process. It is special for this reason alone, but there are other reasons why you should ensure that you write a great invitation. A well–written invitation can set the tone and mood for your entire wedding day and this goes for both the ceremony and reception. Whether you‘re writing it yourself or not, remember to enjoy yourself while writing your invites, because after all it‘s your big day!


What to write in a wedding invitation?

When writing a wedding invitation, be sure to include the following:

  • The name of the bride and groom
  • The title of the ceremony (e.g., wedding, marriage, etc.)
  • The location of the ceremony (make sure this is a place you can get to!)
  • Date and time of the ceremony (if not included in your invitation) – it’s important to give guests plenty of notice so they can make plans to attend!

When it comes to writing invitations, you can either write them yourself or hire a professional to do it for you. Whichever one you choose, make sure the content is clear and well written. Here are some suggestions: the invitation should contain the date and location of your wedding as well as your names and those of the people who will be attending. It is also good to include a RSVP request because this way everyone will know when they should confirm their attendance. This information is very important because it will allow the venue to prepare everything in time for your big day. You can use formal or informal language based on whether you want a formal or informal wedding reception and who will be invited (you can always have a more casual toast after dinner).


How to write a wedding invitation?

There are several ways to write a wedding invitation and it all depends on what you and your fiancé would like. It might be a very traditional wedding with standard wording and a traditional format, or it can be more modern and trendy with unusual wording and different format. I’ve seen some very creative invitations that were cleverly written to match the personalities of the couple as well as the location where the ceremony will take place.


For a beach wedding

We invite you to join us for a celebration of our marriage.

Please join us on the _______ beach at _________ time, to celebrate with us.

Love, Joe and Mary


For a city wedding

We will be married in the heart of (name of city) on (date and time of ceremony). Please join us at our wedding which will take place at (name of venue), (address where you would like to have this event) from (time you would like guests to arrive). After the ceremony, we request your presence at a reception to follow. Thank you for joining us!


I hope these examples inspire you! One thing is sure, with a little bit of imagination you can create a unique wording that fits perfectly with your couple style.


For a wedding in the mountains

A mountain wedding is a great way to have a small, intimate ceremony with your closest friends and family. Of course the scenery is very beautiful and you can share it with those present at the ceremony. The main difference between the wording of this type of ceremony and others is that it should be marked by its simplicity. That’s why it’s important to phrase the words carefully so they can be enjoyed by all present at the ceremony.


How to write a formal wedding invitation?

When writing a formal wedding invitation, there are several things that you need to take into account before sending it out. The first thing is the type of paper you use – it should be high quality and thick with matching envelope colouring (you don’t want white envelopes with sand coloured paper). Next is the font – which should be easy–to–read, cursive or semi–cursive for example – make sure it compliments the overall design you have chosen before going ahead with printing your invites. The last but not least is the wording – make sure there are no spelling mistakes or grammar mistakes since this will give a bad impression about your wedding from start to finish.


How to write an informal wedding invitation?

Informal invitations are written in a manner that makes the invitation look casual and informal. The style of writing used for this type of wedding invitation is usually written in sans serif font. The purpose of using such a font is to make it look casual and relaxed. The text used in the body part should be written concisely and with no formality. One can also use informal language like “Hey”, “Please come over for lunch” etc. However, one must remember that it still needs to be professionally written that means spelling mistakes can be avoided at all costs! Also, one must not forget to include the formal details like contact details, date and time etc along with your signature information at the end of the letter.


Informal wedding invitations ideas

With all of the wonderful ideas that are available in the world of wedding invitations you can use for your informal wedding invitations, it can seem overwhelming. However, if you look at what your type of event you are having will be like, it will make the job easier. For instance, if you are planning an outdoor barbecue wedding with a local band playing music in the background and good food to satisfy even the pickiest guest’s appetites then think about how to word your invitation in line with this theme. For example: If this is a backyard party you could say something like “We request your presence for our informal barbecue and dance celebration to celebrate such and such” or “Please join us as we celebrate such and such by eating barbecued chicken or ribs, dancing under the stars to our favorite songs and proposing a toast!” It may not sound quite as elegant as some other types of invitations but it does invite guests without giving away too much information about what they should wear or how many people they should bring (which is also nice because then no one feels like they have to come). The most important thing about writing an informal wedding invitation is making sure that everyone who receives it understands exactly what type of ceremony or reception they will be attending so there are no surprises when people arrive on their big day.