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Wedding Vows Examples for Him: Speak from the Heart

Originally Published Jun 03, 2024Updated Jun 04, 2024

Wedding Vows for Him: Tips, Examples, and Inspiration | Your Ultimate Guide

As your big day approaches, there are loads of things to get done … make sure the caterers are all set for the ceremony, the flowers have been picked out, your suit fits like a charm. And of course the dreaded task of writing your wedding vows. Don’t get me wrong, it’s one of (if not the) happiest days of your life as you tie the knot and you’re all excited! But how can you put all that love and make sure to express yourself to write your wedding vows?

And with Picta, it’s never been faster or easier to create customizable photo greetings for your wedding! From Save the Dates, to Wedding Invites, to Thank You cards and beyond, Picta is like your built in wedding planner (well, almost)! Plus, they’re ready the same-day, taking some of the stress out of the planning. Choose from our hundreds of designs and customize with photos of the happy couple, text, and more for all your weddings this year. These vows will hopefully inspire you before your wedding ceremony, filled with love, promises and simple words!

Wedding Vows for Him

Write from the heart. The best things in life come from the heart and soul, so don’t hesitate to dig deep and channel those inner emotions to write your vows, after all, it is an emotional day!

Add your own personal touch. These are your wedding vows, so make them personal to you and your soon-to-be bride or groom or even the ceremony! Add in details about your relationships, funny inside jokes, promises, etc. But don’t make it too personal either! You are in front of your friends and family, so keep the juicy anecdotes for later!

Don’t be afraid to write and rewrite. We’re not gonna lie, your first draft probably won’t be perfect, and that’s ok! (or maybe it is, and you’re just a master-wedding-vow-writer) Take it back to the drawing board and mull your thoughts over.

Practice makes perfect. Don’t be afraid do practice your wedding vows out loud to see how they roll off the tongue (and to make sure you’ve rehearsed a little bit!). Our tip? Practice in front of a mirror, or in front of an audience of pillows or stuffed animals.

Don’t sweat the small stuff. No one is perfect and no wedding vows are perfect either! Don’t put so much pressure on yourself that this becomes a chore, it’s just the chance to let your person know how much this big day means to you. Keep it simple! 

Wedding Vow Examples for Him

  • Traditional: "I, [Name], take you, [Partner's Name], to be my lawfully wedded wife/husband. I promise to love and cherish you, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, for better or worse, and to be faithful to you until death do us part."
  • Traditional: "My beloved, as we stand here on this beautiful day, before our family and friends gathered in this ceremony, I promise to be your faithful husband. From this day forward, I vow to give you my heart, my support, and my love in all times—good or bad. I pledge to keep my promises to you, to respect our differences, and to stand by you as long as we both shall live. This marriage marks the beginning of our future together, and I am grateful for each day we will share as partners for the rest of our lives."
  • Traditional: "Today, I take you to be my spouse, promising before our friends and family to be your faithful partner in all of life’s adventures. I vow to honor and respect you as my own person, to share in your joys and sorrows, and to be the best man I can be for you. As we tie this knot, I pledge to you my unwavering support and lifelong commitment."
  • Funny: "[Partner's Name], I promise to always laugh at your jokes, even if they're not that funny. I vow to be your partner in crime, your partner in wine, and your partner in all of life's adventures. I promise to make you smile, even on the days when you feel like strangling me. Today and every day, I choose you."
  • Funny: "I promise to be the man you've always dreamed of: I'll kill the spiders, share my fries, and always be your personal thermostat when you feel cold. I vow not to watch the next episode without you, even if it takes all the willpower I have. Let's tie the knot with a laugh, live the best of times, and grow old disgracefully together."
  • Humorous: "Today, I got incredibly lucky because I get to marry you. I promise to be your person in crime, your backup singer, and your Friday night couch buddy. I vow not to just grow old with you, but to grow up with you, however reluctantly. We’ll navigate these marriage waters with love, laughter, and a little bit of sarcasm, keeping life fun as we build our future together. Through every bizarre twist and turn, you'll find me there, by your side, your husband, your friend, and your forever co-adventurer."
  • Unique: "[Name], from this day forward, I promise to be your unwavering support and your biggest fan. I vow to create a life filled with love, laughter, and endless possibilities. I promise to stand by your side through thick and thin, and to always be there to lift you up when you need it. With you, my love, I have found my home and my forever, these promises I intend to keep."
  • Unique: "Today, as we exchange vows in front of those who matter most, I promise to spend the rest of my time on this earth by your side. I will cherish our moments together, both big and small, recognizing that our wedding is just the beginning of a lifetime filled with true love and laughter. With this vow, I commit to you all that I am and all that I will ever be."
  • Romantic: "[Partner's Name], my love for you knows no limits. From the moment our eyes met, I knew I had found my soulmate. You are the missing piece that completes me, the love that fills my heart with joy. I promise to hold your hand through life's ups and downs, to be your rock and your shelter. With every beat of my heart, I will love you unconditionally and cherish you for eternity."
  • Romantic: "From the moment I met you, I knew you were the one I was meant to find. Today, I give you my heart and my promise to walk this journey with you, hand in hand, for as long as we both shall live. You make me want to be a better me. Every day with you is the best day of my life, and I vow to make every moment we share full of love and affection. This simple wedding marks the start of our lifelong adventure, and I feel incredibly lucky to be standing by your side."
  • Romantic: "Today, as I take you to be my wife, I give you my heart, my promise, and my life. Every moment we have shared has led us to this beautiful wedding, and I look forward to all the years we will spend together. You are my best friend, my greatest support, and the love of my life. I vow to cherish and honor you through every chapter of our future, forever standing by your side as your devoted husband."
  • Cheesy: "From the moment I met you, [Partner Name], I knew my life would never be the same. You are the cheese to my macaroni, the peanut butter to my jelly, and the love of my life. I promise to always keep the fridge stocked with our favorite snacks and to never leave the toothpaste uncapped. Today and always, I choose you."
  • Serious: "[Partner Name], today I stand before you with a heart full of love and a commitment that knows no bounds. I promise to honor and respect you, to support and encourage you, and to be there for you in every moment, both joyful and challenging. With you, I have found a love that is pure and true, and I am grateful every day for the gift of being your spouse."
  • Serious: "In this beautiful moment, as we celebrate our weddings, I make these vows to you: I will love you for all time, and in all ways. As we navigate the journey of life together, I promise to make our years the best of our lives. From today until the rest of our days, you will have my heart, my loyalty, my true love, and my unwavering support."
  • Serious: "Today, as I stand before you, I promise and vow to always strive to be true to myself, to you, and to the love we share. I promise to work at making every day better than the last, knowing that together, we can find strength and happiness. With this vow, I commit to building a life with you that is grounded in truth and elevated by our dreams for the future."
  • Modern: "In front of our cherished family and friends, on this unforgettable day, I vow to be your partner in all things, not just when times are easy, but especially when they are hard. I promise to make our family's happiness my priority and to be by your side as your biggest supporter and your dearest friend. I commit to share my time, my love, and the rest of my life with you. These promises I make today are not just for today but for all our years to come."
  • Light-hearted: "As we stand here during this ceremony, I promise to always make you laugh at the most inappropriate times and to never feel embarrassed when you catch me singing in the shower. I vow to make our life together as fun and exciting as this day is. Remember, you’re stuck with me now, so let's make all our 'bad' times just as memorable as the good ones!"
  • Personalized: "Today marks not just the start of our marriage but the continuation of a beautiful journey together. With all my heart, I take you as my wife, promising to build a life with you that’s filled with love and laughter. I vow to support you, to inspire you, and to be there for you in all times, good and bad. As your husband, your friend, and your person, I will stand by you as we write the next chapters of our story, surrounded by family, today and forever."
  • Sentimental: "From the moment we met, you have filled my life with joy, and today, as I take your hand in marriage, I am filled with gratitude and awe. I promise to keep your heart safe and to support your dreams, nurturing our bond with kindness, patience, and love. I vow to stand beside you through all the times to come, sharing every joy and shouldering every challenge. You are my best friend, my love, my everything. Together, let's build a beautiful future, making each promise real, in a marriage filled with love and a life shared fully. To you, I commit my love forever."
  • Heartfelt: "Standing here today, I am overwhelmed with feelings of love and gratitude. You are not just the person I love but my greatest friend and the one I live for. I promise to cherish every moment with you, to support you in your dreams, and to be there for you in all times. As we stand before our loved ones, tying the knot, I promise and vow to give you the best of myself and to ask of you no more than you can give. This isn’t just a simple wedding; it’s the beginning of a long and beautiful journey together."

Wedding Vow Example Themes

A good idea might be to take a keyword or theme and run with it to create a beautiful wedding vow, special to your couple! This time, these vows are straight from the heart:

  • Commitment: "I vow to love you unreservedly and without hesitation. From this day forward, you will not walk alone; my heart will be your shelter, and my arms will be your home. As we embark on this journey together, I promise to support you in every endeavor and to respect our differences just as much as I cherish our similarities. Today, we begin our life together not just as partners but as a family, united in love and in spirit."
  • Partnership: "Today, as we stand amidst our family and friends, I take you as my partner in life. I promise to love you for who you are and for who you are yet to become. I vow to be by your side through all the days and nights of our lives, to be your greatest ally in conflict and your greatest admirer in accomplishment. Our marriage is a commitment not just to live together but to grow together, building a future as unique as we are."
  • Journey: "With all my heart, I take you to be my spouse. I promise to walk this journey of life with you by my side, through all the adventures and challenges we may face. From this wedding day forward, I vow to make our family's love and happiness my priority. Let us cherish each day as a gift and every moment as a precious step in the long, beautiful path we will tread together."
  • Eternal Love: "As we stand together on our wedding day, I promise and pledge my life to yours. It is a promise not merely of time but of eternity—a vow to love you freely and fully for all our days. I commit to fill our home with laughter, our hearts with joy, and our relationship with deep, enduring love. This marriage marks not just the start of a relationship but the continuation of an everlasting bond as time continues."
  • Devotion: "Today, I give you my love, my trust, and my fidelity, forever. I vow to be your confidant, your comfort, and your best friend as long as we both shall live. My commitment to this marriage is absolute; from this moment, every decision made, every dream dreamt, will be done with your heart in mind. Our family will always be a testament to the strength and depth of our love, I promise this to you my love."

Feel free to add in details about your relationships and make the vows personal to you and your cherie! Hopefully these vows for him get your mind going and your pen flowing and your words writing as you and your special someone tie the knot! Writing your vows wasn't the easiest task .... It's time to grab your suit and tie, your best man, and your special wedding vows as you head off to the alter - you got this, man! 


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