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Customizable Wedding Invitations: Your Essential Guide

Originally Published May 15, 2024Updated May 28, 2024

Essentials of customizable wedding invitations: What to include in your cards?

Customize and create your wedding invitation cards with this all-inclusive guide!

The big day is slowly (ok quickly!) approaching and the next step on your wedding journey to your special day is to send our your wedding invites. Whether you're starting from scratch with a DIY template or looking to make sure you have all the important information included in your wedding invitation, we've got the answers to all your questions! 

First things first: 

What information do I need to include on my wedding invites?

Who's tying the knot? 

A good first step when tackling wedding cards, especially invitations, is to include the names of the people getting married! (Seems quite obvious, but hey, we're here to go step by step!). Some brides and grooms prefer to have the names of their parents that announce the marriage ceremony for a more formal invitation. Or you may prefer to add in your first and last names or just first names. The choice is up to you!

Where and when is the wedding ceremony/reception taking place? 

The next most important information to include on your card is about your marriage ceremony! Include the name of the place (like Saint John's Church or Rowland Golf Course) and the address to avoid any confusion over where the actual ceremony is taking place. Is there a dinner reception? Add in the information and address for the reception if you are planning on changing locations to help your guests best prepare! 

Don't forget the date and time! We recommend adding in a half-hour of wiggle room between the time the wedding invitation states the ceremony will start and when it actually starts to avoid any latecomers on the day-of! 

RSVP: Yes, No, or Maybe

Add in the date for guests to RSVP and the method you wish to be notified by, email, mail, text, on the website. This is important especially if the number of guests can change things for your caterers, or venue, or for the meals if your lucky invitees get to choose what they are eating in order to give final counts! Remember, if you are having your guests return their RSVP by mail, make sure to add in the return address on the envelope (or you can include an extra pre-stamped envelope with address already on it to make their life a little easier -- up to you!). 

Gifts, Extras, and More! 

The rest of the information you include in your invitation card is up to you: 

  • Wedding Website: Most modern brides and grooms like to include a URL or a QR code to their wedding website to include more information, a registry, and more. This can also be a place where a guest can send their RSVP as well
  • Registry and Wedding Lists: Are you looking for specific gifts or have a list in mind? Add in a URL to your wedding registry or fund for the big day! Or include a note about how you wish to not receive gifts. 
  • To Kid or Not To Kid: Some fiancés wish to have a child-free wedding, make sure you include this on your invitation or on your wedding website if this is the case in order for guests to make arrangements. 
  • Getting All Dressed Up: Have any information about guest attire? It is definitely appreciate to let your guests know if they should wear black tie attire or if you are looking for a more casual style.
  • When to Send Wedding Invitations? 

    Another good question, if you have already sent your Save the Dates (remember 6-8 months out), you can send your wedding invitations about 8-10 weeks before the wedding since your guests have already been informed of the dates (12 if you're having a destination wedding, lucky you!). 

    Other Wedding Stationary to Include

    This may seem like a lot of information especially if there if there are details to include about the after-party, the events before or after the actual wedding, etc. You may want to include an insert that is separate from the more minimalist wedding invitation to add in more info! 

    Some brides and grooms want to add in return envelopes especially if they are asking for a guest to RSVP via mail. You should include the address you wish to have the envelope returned, and some people choose to pre-stamp to save time and fees!  

    You can also include the meal request card in the envelope as a separate piece of wedding stationery. 

    TL;DR: What are the four essential details in an invitation card?

    • Who? Who is getting married?
    • When? When is the wedding ceremony taking place? Same goes for the wedding reception. 
    • Where? Where is the ceremony and reception address? 
    • RSVP information. To make sure all your guests can reply to let you know they are attending! 

    Wedding Invitation Design Styles: How to Customize Your Card

    There are lots of different routes to go on when designing and customizing your wedding invitations. Firstly, keep in mind your wedding style. What design did you use on your Save the Dates? Keep the consistency and make sure it matches your wedding theme, which will help make sure people are ready for the big day! 

    Are DIY wedding invitations worth it?

    We think so! (But then again we are a business that helps you print your wedding invitations, so we may be a bit biased). But with loads of different wedding designs and different love-filled styles, we've done extensive research on trends and included all the important information to include in your wedding invitation on the Picta website, ready to be filled in! Want to include a photo? Go for it, we love the personalized touch! 

    We don't necessarily recommend creating wedding invitations by hand (aka handwriting them) unless you're really into calligraphy and/or are having a super intimate ceremony or reception. Avoid those hand cramps! 

    Style of Envelope Choices

    Your wedding invitation card will most likely be sent in an envelope unless you're hand-delivering (we still recommend the envelopes to protect the invitation) or have created an e-invite. You can choose to add in a special design on your envelope or select the envelope color that best matches your theme (green for a botanical theme, for example). Your guests will hopefully love the style before they get to the invitations! 

    You can also use your wedding envelope as a chance to break out your best handwriting to write the address (and return address, super important!) so your invitees know where to RSVP. Not into calligraphy (or don't have the time and patience)? Lots of printers have options to print on your envelope or you can order stickers to print on for the addresses and the return address on your wedding envelopes! 

    Types of Paper to Use in Wedding Stationary

    At Picta, we're a #1 Walgreens Photo Print Partner which means we have access to the high-quality wedding stationery options they offer. Most Walgreens stores will also include envelopes with your card order, so that detail is taken care of too! Your wedding invitation cards are printed on thick cardstock paper that is a mix between glossy and matte photo paper called "silky paper". This truly lets your wedding invitation style shine! 

    Details & Design 

    This part is totally up to you! Feeling the love? Add in some hearts on the envelope or some love-filled words in your wedding insert to let all your guests feel the romantic vibes! Having a rustic theme for your wedding? Include details on this as well, as this will only help your guests best match your style in order to have the perfect day! They will know a bit more about the venue and reception and match their outfit style if needed. 

    Wedding Invitation Cards Themes

    You'll probably want to use the same theme as you sent for your Save the Dates, and for your wedding theme when you send out your invitations! Not only does this keep the same aesthetic style going for your wedding, but this also helps guests get excited about what is to come next! 

    At Picta, we've done extensive market research about the best wedding trends for ceremonies and receptions, so that you're best prepared to choose the invitations that match your theme for the hottest and most popular wedding styles! From Boho to Classic to Eucalyptus styles, there's something to fit your wedding style needs! 

    So to sum this all up, its better to start thinking about your wedding invitation cards earlier rather than later. Keep the same style as your Save the Dates and make sure to include the most important information about your wedding, ceremony, and reception so that your guests know what to expect for the big day! Love is in the air (and we're here to print it). 

    P.S. If you're looking for wording inspiration for your wedding invitations or wedding cards, take a look at our collection of love quotes and sayings that can add a touch of romance to your personalized cards.


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