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Best No Shave November Quotes and Captions for Motivation

Originally Published May 28, 2024Updated Jul 05, 2024

Whether you’re Team Movember or Team No Shave...

 It's November, and we mustache you an important question. Are you ready to support the men in your life with 35 best Movember / No Shave November quotes and sayings?

The Ultimate Collection of Mustache Quotes for Movember or No Shave November

  1. “You cannot grow a beard in a moment of passion.” – GK Chesterton
  2. “Respect the ‘Stache.”
  3. “Gentlemen, Put Down Your Razors.”
  4. “Grow a Mo to save a Bro.”
  5. “Movember, Can You Handle It?”
  6. “Growing a beard is a habit most natural, scriptural, manly and beneficial.” – CH Surgean
  7. “Know before you Grow.”
  8. “Shave the Date – November 1st!”
  9. “A good idea is right under your nose.”
  10. “It’s gonna get hairy.”
  11. “Moustache mania.”
  12. “All you need is love and a moustache.”
  13. "Keep Calm and Grow On.”
  14. “Seize opportunity by the beard, for it is bald behind.” - Bulgarian proverb
  15. “A man without a mustache is like a cup of tea without sugar.” – English Proverb
  16. “A man with a mustache knows how to whisk(er) you away.” - Anonymous
  17. “Bears have beards, and that's why they're the kings of the wild.” - Unknown
  18. “Mustaches: Because sometimes, you just need a good filter for your face!” - Unknown
  19. “Beards make everything better. Just look at bears.” - Unknown
  20. “Live. Laugh. Moustache.”
  21. “Bears have hair. Real men have moustaches.”
  22. “Mustaches: Making November cozier one whisker at a time.”
  23. “A bear without a beard is just a large dog.” - Anonymous
  24. “There’s a fine line between a moustache and insanity. We call that line November.” - Unknown
  25. “Mustaches are like snowflakes. Unique and sometimes in your mouth.”
  26. “Bear hugs & moustache mugs.”
  27. “Grow what your mama gave you…or at least try to.”
  28. “Every mustache is a treasure chest for crumbs and secrets.” – Anonymous
  29. “Staches speak louder than words.”
  30. “Real men grow fur on their faces.”
  31. “Your mustache is the MVP of November!”
  32. “Stubble trouble? Nah, it’s character!”
  33. “Mo’ moustache, mo’ swagger.”
  34. “Upper lip, upper class.”
  35. “Make your ‘stache your signature.”

How can you support Movember/No Shave November?

Here are the rules, people: If you’re able to grow facial hair … choose between the two charities or foundations (No Shave November or Movember) and follow their rules for the month! Share your progress on social media (add in the logo for a special touch) and make sure to let your family/friends/coworkers know what you’re doing, and more importantly why. Your support for men's health awareness from mental health to prostate cancer awareness matters!

Not feeling the beard/moustache love? Any ladies who still want to support the foundation of their choice and participate? You’re in luck! Movember isn’t all about the ‘stache. Set your goal to run (or walk) 60 kilometers in memory for the 60 men every hour who are lost to suicide each hour. After Pink October for Breast Cancer Awareness month, we're switching gears for another important campaign! 

Gather your friends and host a fun event. Shave down all together to start Movember off right! Or get together half-way through to check on each other’s progress (with plenty of selfies of course). Host a party with friends and family and collect money and donations for the fun event and host a moustache competition at the end of November, then let the shaving begin! Don't forget to donate the money to the charity of your choice, either solo or in a group with lots of people.

The most important thing is to raise awareness for this cause, so whether you're posting a facial hair snap on Instagram or hosting a men's cancer awareness walk and are looking for some inspiration to go along with the logo for quotes about beards and moustaches (a little bit lighter than mental health and prostate cancer, we agree), we hope these Movember quotes will help!  Here's to shaving the day! 


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