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Best Tan Skin Quotes: Keep the Summer Glow All Year Round

Originally Published May 17, 2024Updated Jul 04, 2024

Glowing with Summer & Sun: The Best Tan Skin Quotes

Summer days, the heat of the sun on your skin, the sound of kids playing or just waves crashing … tan skin season is here! Whether you’re at the beach or chilling by the pool, these original tan skin quotes are sure to make that summer selfie pop to keep that summer feeling going, all year long!

I don’t know about you, but I really feel my best with that sun-kissed glow in the heat of summer (with proper sun protection of course, SPF is my BFF!). Need some quote inspiration for a caption for your social media post or story? These summer glow quotes and captions are the perfect addition to your Instagram posts that captures summer in a snap! Read on for more summer tan beauty quotes and captions.

Capture the Essence of Summer with These Tan Skin Quotes

  • Glowing skin is always in!

No matter the season, a little tan and a little glow never hurt anyone …

  • They told me I could be anything, so I decided to be tanned.

Follow your tanning dreams right to the glow on the beach!

  • ‘Tis the season to be tanned.

Fa la la la la, we’re dreaming of a (tan) Christmas this year, here’s hoping for a vacation this December.

  • It’s Tan o Clock.

Set your alarms for some fun in the sun this summer. Wake up, tan, nap, and repeat! Love, love, love it. 

  • Chasing the sun and the glow!

This quote has us feeling like we’re back on the beach.

  • Good times and tan lines.

Isn’t that all you really need?

We’re suckers for a good pun … especially when it’s a tan pun!

  • Bronze is my happy color.

We totally agree – there’s no better feeling than that fresh tan feeling. Bring on the summer rays and sunkissed vibes! 

  • Sunrise, suntan, sunset, repeat.

If this doesn’t sum up your tan summer in a quote, we don’t know what does!

  • A little tan goes a long way.

Embrace the sun and let your skin tell the story of your summer adventures like your tan lines tell the story of your new glow!

  • Sunshine State of Mind

Let the sunshine and tan skin in, hello vitamin D, the original mood booster!

  • Kissed by the sun

Let this quote capture the perfect tan skin moment. Whether you are gonna post a photo on Instagram and need the perfect caption, or want to throw a Polaroid into your scrapbook, we’ve got you covered with these summer and tan quotes! 

And check out these equally fabulous Flip Your Hair quotes for more inspo to post on Instagram or other social media, the perfect addition to your tan and sun quotes or captions to capture that summer vibe! 

  • If you can’t tone it, tan it!

Ah yes, the summer body … I follow the mindset of, everybody has a body and it’s summer, so therefore I have a summer body!

  • That glow tho ... 

In my ✨ tan skin era ✨ naturally!

  • The tans will fade, but the memories will last forever!

And don’t forget to really make those tan memories last forever by printing them with Picta! And did we mention your photos are ready the same day? Yup, you can print your snaps from the morning and they’ll be ready by the time the sun sets on the beach!

So whether you're heading to the salon and want to snap that post-spray tanning session selfie or you're feeling your natural beauty self at the beach, these tanning quotes and captions all about that tan skin glow, are the perfect addition to your Instagram post ... and beyond! Turn them into a digital scrapbook post of summer with a Canva template and some stickers, print them out to keep that sunshine state of mind going all year round, or embrace your inner artist and create a vision board to hang up as wall decor (hello Etsy inspo) with these tan skin quotes!


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