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The BEST Holiday Gift Guides: Ideas for Everyone

Originally Published Jun 03, 2024Updated Jul 02, 2024

The ULTIMATE Holiday Gift Guide for 2024: Ideas for Family, Friends & Beyond

Picta this: your loved one unwrapping the perfect gift this holiday season!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – filled with all things merry and joyful like giving presents to those you love the most! But how to find that perfect present? The one that makes Mom cry good tears, or the one that makes your BFF snort out her hot cocoa from laughing too hard? (true story!).

Speak from the heart and let your best memories work their magic this Christmas season! Pick the perfect pic and turn it into a gift with Picta! Ready in 1-hour at the store closest to you, we’ve (hopefully) made the holiday season a little less stressful so you can get back to other festive things: cooking Christmas cookies, wrapping gifts, or throwing on another Hallmark holiday movie (no judgement here!).

Gift Ideas for the Family

We know how hard it can be to shop for the perfect Christmas gift, especially when it feels like your parents or siblings already have everything, but have no fear! We want to show the parents who are always ready with a plate of cookies and a hug that we’re thinking about them, not just during the holidays, but every day throughout the year!

Canvas Prints

Go big or go home for your #1 team that's always there to cheer you on with a big ole Canvas Print! Add in a family photo from that one time you managed to get everyone together for a quick snap at Thanksgiving, or a recent photo from your family vacation to create a memorable gift that’s sure to please!


Throw it back to a time before cellphones and Snapchat with our classic Magnet prints. Choose your favorite picture of you and the sibs or your brother’s newborn for a cute and quick stocking stuffer that won’t break the bank!

Metal Panel

Let your love ✨ shine ✨ with our metallic photo panels. 11x14” and made from high-quality materials, this gift is sure to make a big impact!

For Your Significant Other

Whether it’s your first holiday season together or the 30th, shopping for “your person” can be a bit tricky. How can you put all your love for them in one big (or tiny!) box? We hope we help you find the answer …

Mouse Pads

Whether it’s for your work-from-home hubby or your gamer girlfriend, this tech gift provides the best of both worlds! A cute photo to remind them of your love and something they are sure to use everyday!

Song Poster

Available online only, the newest member in the Picta family of photo products makes a big impression! Add in that oh-so cute selfie of the two of you, choose “your song”, customize the font and colors and you’re all set to go! Sure it might be a bit cheesy, but who doesn’t love cheesy?!

Wood Hanger

We love love love the idea of this ready-to-hang photo product that just screams, “put me on your wall ASAP”. It’s our go-to idea for your bae (do people still say that or am I trapped in the 2010s?) that is a little far away or for your college-bound girlfriend, hello dorm decor! Or it’s a joint present for the couple that just moved in together to treat yo’self!

For Your Friends

Your go-to gang, the ones you can always count on deserve an amazing gift this year! Read on to find the perfect present for your pals.

Framed Canvas

Beyoncé should have sang “If you like it then you should’ve put a frame on it” for selling our Framed Canvas. We took our already awesome Canvas Prints and added to option of a frame to make it even better! Perfect for that sunset shot you took on your friend’s Bach weekend.

Wood Hanger

Wood hangers are my go-to gift this year, especially with everyone that’s been moving! Whether it’s for the recent college grad who is out on their own for the first time, or for your long-distance childhood friend who just moved apartments, this is a dream present for the “Recently Moved”.

Photo Posters

Whether you choose an Adhesive Poster that’s ready to be hung (and rehung) hundreds of times for your indecisive Libra friend who’s always changing their home decor, or a Board Print to add a 3D effect that pops for go-to pal, our Posters come in all types and sizes, making them perfect for all types of friends in your friend group!

For the Extended Family: Grandparents, Aunts & Uncles, and More

When you’ve drawn Aunt Kathy’s name in the annual holiday swap and are not quite sure what to get the woman who has everything, give the gift of memories!

Holiday Cards

Holly jolly holiday cards are the best way to spread the cheer and joy that this season brings, with the added personal touch of a handwritten note on the back. Choose from our hundreds of designs to find the perfect card, add in a photo (or two, or three …), and edit the text and your cards will be ready in 1-hour. Yep, that’s less time than it takes to put up aaaall those decorations! 😉

Wallet Prints

A throwback to our grandparents’ day and age when the men would carry around their gal’s photo in their wallet, this timeless gift is making a comeback! Recently had a baby? Now all the aunties and uncles can carry around your little pride and joy in their pocket (don’t forget to print an extra one for yourself!). Or use those nice family photos taken at the photo shoot for a simple yet thoughtful card addition!

Wood Panel

We love the simplicity of a classic Wood Panel with a thoughtful photo of it. Round up all the cousins for a group shot before ordering this gift for … everyone on your list!

Secret Santa & Stocking Stuffers: Budget Gifts

Whether you’re stumped for a super Secret Santa that won’t go over budget, or you’re simply looking for a cute, little gift for a stocking stuffer, these budget-friendly presents won’t break the bank!

DIY Gift with Prints

From a cute photo holder made from copper wire and oven-bake clay to a simple frame with the perfect photo to match, there are so many low-cost DIYs to do! We love these DIY photo ornaments that are the perfect gift for new parents.

Photo Magnets

Our go-to gift that won’t break the bank! Add in a photo and you’re all set for a fun Secret Santa gift or a stocking stuffer that is sure to make them smile. Perfect for the one who’s always in the kitchen (or at least in the fridge) or for a school locker.

Acrylic Block

This cute gift is the perfect addition to another present or to be slipped into a stocking for Christmas morning! Our smallest photo gift, the Acrylic Block is the definition of “good things come in small packages”!

We hope this all-inclusive gift guide was helpful in putting the finishing touches on your holiday list (and checking it twice!). Waited until the last-minute? We print faster than Santa’s sleigh to get you those eleventh-hour gifts, ready at a store near you!


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