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Exciting Graduation Party Games to Keep the Fun Going

Originally Published Jun 03, 2024Updated Jul 04, 2024

Fun-Filled Graduation Party Games and Activities That Guests of All Ages Will Love

Elevate the Celebration with Graduation Games

Graduation is an exciting milestone that deserves to be celebrated! Whether you’re the graduate or you’re throwing the party for someone special, games and activities are the perfect way to make the party truly memorable for both the graduate and their guests. Graduation parties can be a great way to get family and friends involved in the big day for an elementary school grad, a high school graduate, or even for a college graduation celebration! Say goodbye to sitting around, these ideas will get you on your feet!

Why should I have graduation party games?

Graduation party games are a great and fun way to celebrate the grad. This can break up the graduation celebration, allow different types of guest to meet and chat, and all around have a fun moment that will be the talk of the party!

Here are some of my favorite graduation party game ideas, sure to energize and entertain your crowd to celebrate the graduating class. Try mixing up interactive, competitive, and low-key options to keep things lighthearted and engage guests of all ages and interests. With a variety of options, everyone can join in on the fun in their own way.

Photo Booth Frenzy

A photo booth is a graduation party staple that creates lasting memories. Set up a fun backdrop and props like silly hats, glassed, boas or signs that say "grad" or the graduate's name. Have guests strike silly or serious poses as others snap photos. Bonus points if you match the colors with the colors of your graduate's school! My school colors were black and gold, super classy! 

You can either email the photos to the guests, or print them out in 1-hour with Picta! Yup, that’s less time than it takes to wait for everyone to cross the stage. This is a low-effort hit that is sure to bring smiles with a digital yet printable souvenir everyone will love to take home. Download the app or head to our website to start printing these great ideas, no need to shop around! 

Mad Libs Madness

Break out the Mad Libs for some classic word game fun. Have players fill in blanks with parts of speech like verbs, adjectives, and nouns. Read the hilarious results out loud together for a laugh. You can find examples of a printable online (maybe try etsy) or make your own graduation-themed stories. This is a great ice-breaker that can be done as a team!

Magical Memories

Lay out photos from the graduate's childhood, school years and activities on a table. Then guests can try to put the photos in order and the winner gets a fun prize! Now remind me, did Jake do soccer before or after his little sister was born? Each player gets their own turn to guess when you play this graduation party game. You can even choose a gift or a prize at the end for the player who makes the best guess. 

Guess the Baby Photo

Display baby photos of the guest of honor mixed in with other mystery babies. Have guests try to match each photo to the right person. It’s a fun way to remember a blast from the past, while celebrating the grad's future!

And with Picta, your printable pics are ready in under an hour, perfect for the last-minute graduation party games in no time at all!

Caption Contest

Blow up one funny or (slightly) embarrassing pic of the graduate (hey! it’s their day to shine ….) as a printable poster or large print and have guests write creative captions on slips of paper. Read the captions aloud and have everyone vote on their favorite to choose the best one and stick it on the photo for a great souvenir of the fun day (and a funny thing to slip in their suitcase when they head off to college). It's a little mix of digital and old-school that will leave everyone laughing! The player with the best caption might even win a prize or a gift! 

Pin the Hat on the Grad

Another fun printable party game that takes advantage of those graduation photo shoots! Each player will have their eyes blindfolded and spun around to try to pin the hat on the graduate's head on the picture! The closest guess wins! You can also turn this into place the tassel on the hat for another idea. If there are a lot of guests or players, you can transform this into a team game to have the teams go head to head! 

Beat the Graduate

Test how well players know fun facts about the graduate like their first grade teacher, middle school crush or best subject in high school. Split into teams and see who can answer questions correctly first! Feel free to include crazy responses too, to keep guests on their toes. Each player gets a turn to answer the questions and the most points win! 


That just about covers the bases to make your graduation party an absolutely unforgettable celebration! These fun games you play will have everyone from kiddos to grandparents on their feet with these fun grad games to celebrate the big day! 

Whether it's for a high school graduation celebration, or for a recent college graduate's fun day, feel free to have fun with these games and ideas for players of all ages! No need to shop around or hit up sites like Etsy with shipping delays, Picta and these low-budget homemade graduation party game ideas are here to save the day! Whether you decide to play as a team or if guests prefer to plays as individual players, these fun games are ensure the best day, full of wins, and even a prize or gift

Now go forth and party with gusto! We think these ideas win valedictorian for party planning! (or first place if you are no longer a high school or college student) 


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