2×3 Prints

Small prints for those who want to keep memories close

older couple kissing cheek on a beach

Print details

  • – Size : 2×3
  • – Printed on Kodak photos paper
  • – Glossy or matte paper
  • – Fast & safe photo transfer
  • – Manufactured exclusively in the United States
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With this collection of images, 2×3 Prints wants to showcase the variety of ways in which people document their lives through photography. With each image, we want you to focus on the moment, not the camera. The way a photographer sees the world is so different from how everyone else does. Every day your eyes see the same familiar landscape but it’s filtered through your memory and your emotions. Your memories are beautiful and everyone should be able to document them. From contemporary to vintage, black and white and color, from cities all over the world, here’s a snapshot into photographers’ lives.

2×3 Prints review

2×3 prints are perfect to fit in your wallet for example. They also can be on original way to add photos to your scrapbooking or photo book, instead of always using the same photo size. You can also use 2×3 for photo collage, placeholder at a wedding, decoration for your locker room, etc.

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