The Worst Valentine’s Day Dates

January 14th, 2021

And here we are… Valentine’s Day: that dreaded day for so many of us! But let me tell you, it doesn’t have to be 100% sad: no no no, it can actually be FUN (oh funny)! We present to you the WORST of Valentine’s Day! And then, just like that, you will feel 100 times better if you happen to be hanging solo on February 14th …  because after all, it’s just a normal day! Unfortunately not for these people… get comfy, grab some popcorn because we have a few good stories, and be prepared to laugh!!

The worst Valentine's Day gifts:


  1. A break-up email. …
  2. A toilet seat (we swear it happened to a friend!)
  3. Second hand clothes
  4. Cheap flowers aka a plant with the discounted tag attached. …
  5. Second hand clothes
  6. A text saying how commercial is Valentine’s Day and that there is no need to celebrate it

Horror story: "I got food poisoning at his house"

“On my first Valentine’s Day with my fiancé, we tried to go to Cheesecake Factory without a reservation and ended up eating takeout in his car. Later that night, I got food poisoning at his house and spent hours getting sick repeatedly while he tried to clean up after me. We hadn’t even been together for 6 months at that point.” — Sydney, 23

Horror story: A damaged house

“My now-husband pulled out all the stops making an epic, three-course meal. In the process, he clogged our kitchen sink, also leading to our bathroom sink overflowing. I think he and our landlord stayed up until 1 a.m. trying to fix it and save our hardwood floors from water damage, sadly no romance was on the table that night!” — Allison, 32

Horror story: "Hot date"

“It was my first year at uni and Valentine’s Day was all anyone could talk about. Luckily, my man stepped up. We were too broke to go out, so we agreed to have dinner in his room: he would do decorations, I would prepare ‘a feast’.

Our meal was pretty basic. We both like pizza and Valentine’s Day is about hearts, so I made heart-shaped pizzas. My mistake was underestimating the heat the oven would throw at me on the night and the ‘pizzas’ came out looking like burnt cow turds.

Upstairs, my boyfriend had arranged a display of candles, and strewn rose petals all over his bed. It was adorable. We sat on cushions opposite each other and attempted to hack our way through our charcoal dinner.”

Hope these stories helped you feel a little bit better! If you are looking for advice or need a little pep talk for Valentine’s Day, it’s right here waiting for you!