Birthday Cards

Celebrate a birthday with cards for your friends and family!

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A birthday is a special time with lots to celebrate

Get a printable and customized birthday card for a kid or adult in your family for that special day. In less than an hour, your custom photo birthday card with a personal greeting will be ready at your nearest Walgreens or CVS store. This special birthday card can be personalized with your own wording.

Receiving a birthday card is one of the simplest and most enjoyable parts of a birthday. It can be the highlight of the day and a great way to show your loved ones how much they mean to you. Or use the photo card as an invitation to invite all your friends so that they can see your beautiful photos!

In any case, easily customize your birthday card with the Picta app with your favorite photos of you and the recipient or their favorite things to make a unique and special card!

  • Q: When to mail birthday cards?


    Usually, it’s safest to send the card at least 4 days before the birthday. Still, you can order your birthday card online and you can have it printed at Walgreens or the CVS store of your choice. the card is printed in less than an hour, so you can be sure that the recipient will be able to pick it up quickly and at any time of their choosing.

  • Q: What to write in a birthday card?


    The exact wording for sending Birthday cards depends mainly on the recipient, but generally, your message goes something like the following:

    Thomas, I wish you a happy birthday! Today is a special day as you celebrate an extraordinary and inspiring life. I am grateful for the gifts you have given yourself and the people you have touched, and I love those who came from afar to meet you. Love, Elisabeth