10 Tan Skin Quotes

Longing for a last taste of summer? Summer lovin’ to us means beach days, late nights, ice cream for dessert and of course tan skin! Since we’re feeling the chill of autumn we’ve decided to find our favorite tan skin quotes. Here we’ve gathered 10 of the best quotes about tan skin to try to prolonge that summer feeling.


1. Glowing skin is always in!

No matter the season, a little tan and a little glow never hurt anyone …

2. They told me I could be anything, so I decided to be tanned.

Follow your tanning dreams right to the beach!

3. ‘Tis the season to be tanned.

Fa la la la la, we’re dreaming of a (tan) Christmas.

4. It’s Tan o Clock.

Set your alarms for some fun in the sun!

5. Tanned skin, sunglasses, drinks and palms.

This quote has us feeling like we’re back on the beach.

6. Good times and tan lines.

Isn’t that all you really need?

7. You glow girl!

We’re suckers for a good pun … especially when it’s a tan pun!

8. Bronze is my happy color.

We totally agree – there’s no better feeling than that fresh tan feeling.

9. Sunrise, suntan, sunset, repeat.

If this doesn’t sum up summer in a quote, we don’t know what does!