Romantic messages


Loving you messages for significant others, perfect to write in cards!

Love, amore, amour … it’s what makes the bad days a little less difficult and the good days even better. But how do you put what you’re feeling into words?

Romantic messages can come in many different shapes, sizes, and forms. It’s easy to take a couple of seconds to think about your partner and what they like to say how much you love them! Scroll down to learn more about showing your appreciation with a handwritten love note, or a small act of kindness.


Love Languages: How to send messages of love

We are all such different people when it comes to showing our emotions and our love to others. This can even be in a non-romantic way! The 5 Languages of Love is the perfect way to get to know yourself better to send an “I love you” message to someone close to you!

Taking a short quiz can easily help you figure out your own love language as well as those around you. From there you can figure out which romantic message to send to your partner!


Acts of Service

This love language is a physical one, but not in the normal sense. You appreciate when others go out of their way to help you, maybe doing a project you know they don’t enjoy because it helps you out.

To create messages that say “I love you” with this love language, think about taking out the trash before it gets too full, cleaning the bathroom if your partner is having a stressful week, or even volunteering to go grocery shopping. It might seem like little things, but it makes a big difference to someone with this love language.


Quality Time

This language of love means sending loving messages via time spent together. Take a couple of hours alone in a park with a private picnic, have a dinner date with just the two of you … the opportunities are endless!

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Physical Touch

The love language we all think about, touching, hugging little kisses … but it can be much more than that to send a message of love.

Think about rubbing your partners feet, braiding their hair, or simply holding their hand in public to let them know how much they mean to you!


Words of Affirmation

Saying things out loud for someone that has this love language is just the start. It isn’t always easy to express your feelings out loud, so maybe writing a handwritten note, photo card, or even your favorite quote can be the way to go to show your partner some love.

Picta’Tip: printing out their favorite quote, or even a little saying that you tell them all the time as a magnet or even poster will let them know you care.

Or go the extra mile with a photo card and a handwritten message to show them how proud you are of them with a photo of the two of you!


Receiving Gifts

We’ve saved the best for last! (Kidding! Everyone is different in their own way which makes these loving messages so unique!) Receiving gifts can range from large gifts to small gifts and is the best way to let someone with this love language know how much you care about them.

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Need help with “I love you” messages for cards? check out these tips!

  • Keep it personal. Adding an inside joke, a little nickname or your favorite memory of the two of you can be the extra touch that makes your card shine with love.
  • Adding in a personal photo can also make the card unique to the person and can show how much you care for them
  • Think about changing the form … try a text message, a post-it on the bathroom mirror, or even a note in their lunchbox!
  • These romantic I love you messages can also be in the form of a quote if you struggle with finding the right words
  • Finally, at the end of the day … it is the thought that counts, going the extra mile is always appreciated for your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, or fiancé!


Examples of romantic "I love you" messages for him or her

  1. I woke up smiling again this morning and I’m blaming it on you.
  2. Whether they’re good or bad, I look forward to each and every day knowing it’s another one spent with you.
  3. The first time I saw you I had this strange feeling. It was like my heart said, “Oh, it’s you. I’ve been looking for you.”
  4. Missing you lots and looking forward to seeing you soon!
  5. Just another reminder of how much I love you! Have a great day!
  6. I’m so lucky to have you in my life, and I’m counting the days/hours until I can see you again!
  7. You’ve been on my mind every moment since I’ve woken up, and I hope you’re still there in my dreams when I go to sleep.
  8. You’re more than I ever dreamed of, more than I deserve, and more than I’ll ever need. I love you more and more, every day.
  9. I can’t remember what life was like without you, and I hope I never have to again. You’re my whole world!
  10. Whenever I’m with you, the only place I want to be is closer.
  11. For me, coming home means coming back to you.
  12. I don’t mind if you tell me the same stories over and over again for the rest of our lives– I’ll never get tired of listening to you.
  13. During the day, you’re the light of my life. During the night, you’re my guiding star.
  14. You’re irreplaceable, non-returnable, and priceless to me. Never change.
  15. I hate labels. You’re my best friend, true love, adventure partner, sweetheart, partner-in-crime, and so much more. And I’m supposed to call you just one? No fair.
  16. Since we met, I cry a little less, smile a lot more, and know that with you here with me– I’m living in a happier world. Thank you for that. You’ll never know how much I love you.
  17. It’s not that I love you for allowing me to be me. I love you because you encourage it.
  18. I love you so much that if I had to choose between you and chocolate, I’d choose you.
  19. Forever and always … that’s how long I’ll love you.
  20. I love you and am proud of you always! I am so lucky to have you in my life.