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Personality Quiz: Which Picta Photo Product are You?

February 12th, 2021

Find out what photo product best matches your personality with this 7 question quiz!

Since we have so many new members of photo products in the family, what better way to introduce you to them than with a Picta photo product personality quiz (try saying that three times fast phew 😅 ! )

Just answer these questions about your favorite things and we’ll tell you which photo product your personality is most like! Picta makes last-minute shopping a breeze. No more waiting in line, or worrying about social distancing as the stores get packed – with our photo printing apps, you receive a notification once your gifts are ready the same day!

Picta Personality Quiz

Answer the following questions and scroll down to find your results! (Make sure to note your answers!)


1. Who is your favorite person to buy presents for?

A. Parents
B. Significant other
C. Me, of course!
D. Friends
E. Siblings
F. Grandparents/Aunts/Uncles

2. What is your personality most like?

A. Loyal & Generous
B. Honest & Reliable
C. Funny & Spontaneous
D. Outgoing & Friendly
E. Serious & Focused
F. Calm & Relaxed

3.  Pick a cookie to make (and then eat!): 
A. Doesn’t matter, as long as there is frosting!
B. Snickerdoodles
C. Macarons
D. Does store-bought count?
E. Chocolate chip cookies
F. Sugar cookies

4. Choose a movie to watch:
A. Forrest Gump
B. The Hangover
C. Titanic
D. Anything Disney
E. Bird Box
F. Fast & the Furious

5. It’s Friday night, you can be found …
A. At home with the family
B. Out with my friends
C. Date night!
D. Hanging with my significant other
E. On the couch with my furry friend
F. Probably chilling solo

6. Where is your favorite place to shop?
A. Macy’s or Nordstroms
B. Target
C. TJ Maxx
D. Amazon
E. Wherever there is activewear
F. Walmart

personalized metal panel on a bue wall near a plant for a great home decor

Mostly "A"s

Just like our Metal Prints, you instantly brighten up any room you walk into! With your sparkly smile and shiny personality, your friends and family can always count on you for a good time! You are flexible when it comes to plans – you enjoy a cozy night in just as much as a fun night out.

a photo canvas on the wall in a home or apartment with the image of a father throwing this child in the air

Mostly "B"s

Your friends would describe you as versatile, just like our Canvas prints! You have an eye for design and enjoy a clean and cozy home! And just like the Framed Canvas option, you can appear to have a solid and sometimes removed outside, but your loved ones know you have a caring heart of gold on the inside! You enjoy giving presents even more than receiving them and love going above and beyond for friends and family. Our advice – don’t stretch yourself too thin, remember to take some time for you!

Mostly "C"s

Just like our Wood Hanger, you are fun and independent. You know that sometimes, life is too short to wait around and you’re always ready for a new adventure! While you do appreciate making new memories full of laughs and fun, you also enjoy spending time at home redecorating your walls and making your house a home.

Mostly "D"s

Just like our Wood Panel, you are everyone’s go-to friend. Versatile with lots of good advice to offer, your loved ones definitely know who to turn to when they need someone to listen! You enjoy cozy, winter nights in with a cup of hot cocoa looking at old photos and reflecting on the good times, but also going on new adventures and making new memories with the ones you love!

posters - gifts for loved ones far away

Mostly "E"s

Bold and spirited, you are the embodiment of our Poster! Some people say you have too big of a personality, but we say …. is there even such a thing? You love spending time with your family and friends, but also appreciate a nice, quiet evening at home!

Mostly "F"s

You’re a steady and true person, just like our Magnet! You love sticking by your friends and family no matter what and are always down to go on an adventure, even if it’s just to the fridge! Sometimes you can put up a tough outside to those who don’t know you well, but everyone knows you are filled with good times (just like our photo magnets – filled with your favorite memories).

Were we spot on with our photo product personality quiz? We’re so excited to introduce all of these new products to our lineup of great wall art options and gifts! Head into the app now to see all of the great, new creatives we have to offer – we’ve made personalized gift shopping easier (and faster) than ever!

And don’t forget the card to go along with your great gift! With hundreds of designs to choose from, Picta makes it easy to create personalized Christmas cards, Thank You cards, even Thinking of You cards for loved ones far away.

Once you’ve decided what to print, it’s time to order your photo gift! It’s super easy – just head into the Gifts section to start creating, then choose the Walgreens store that works best for you! Your recipients are sure to have a smile on their face when they open their personalized photo gift, and now you’ll have a fun story to tell about how it matches your personality! 😇

All our photo gifts and products are available for same-day pickup with the Walgreens photo print app. Tap, tap, done! In simply a few steps, you can transform your favorite photos and memories into a gift to last a lifetime.

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