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6x8 Prints

$2.99 each
  • 6x8
  • Printed on high quality paper
  • Glossy or matte paper
  • Fast & safe photo transfer
  • Manufactured exclusively in the United States

6x8 Prints: review by Abby R.

Printed my photos very quickly and efficiently! Had them ready in no time and they were fit to size perfect . Love this website! Saves lots of time and money .

What they say about 6x8 Prints

  • projection of a 6x8 print

    So much more incredibly convenient using this app instead of having to sit in-line to do your photos for an ungodly amount of time, then having to sit and select photo after photo after photo which also takes forever too. Instead, use this website and can send pictures in right from your phone. 5 stars for me, 100%

    by Vincent L.

Why 6x8 Prints is a good choice

Print your memories on 6x8 Photo prints

When you’re searching for the perfect photo to decorate your home, why settle for anything less than stunning? Highlight the best memories of your best friends, beloved pet, or cherished travel destinations with gorgeous framed large format prints. We’ll print your photos up to 6×8 and custom frame them as a set. These prints are double the size of a normal 4×6 photo print and carry a 4:3 Aspect Ratio which is an ideal enlargement size for images taken with your small point and shoot digital camera or mobile phone. Order a portrait 6×8 prints or even landscape 8×6 prints to print your favorite photos with little to no cropping. 

Picta Photo makes it easy to transform your smartphone photos into gorgeous wall art by turning them into custom sizes and framing them or giving them away as gifts.

6x8 photo prints are versatile for digital projects too

With their larger size, 6x8 prints are great for digital scrapbooking projects. You can use these prints as the basis for an art project: print them and cut them into different shapes before gluing them onto a background. If you do not have plenty of wall space to display all your family photos, using 6x8 prints as part of an art project is a great way to show off lots of favorites without crowding your walls with individual frames.

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