11×14 Poster

Classic poster prints for nice interiors!

photo printed on a 11x14 poster

Whether you’re looking for a poster for a kid’s room or new living room decor, a small home office or bedroom posters, this small poster is an ideal size. Our 11×14 poster printing option comes in the best photo paper and glossy finish, as well as matte finish options, so you can get the look you want.

Poster details

Size : 11×14
Printed on Kodak photos paper
Glossy or matte paper
Fast & safe photo transfer
Manufactured exclusively in the United States

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rose pictaphoto

11x14 Poster: review by Rose

A high quality poster, or print is definitely an attractive way to decorate a wall for any occasion but what when it is at this price point? The cardboard tube package arrived with no damage, and upon opening it, the poster was protected and unharmed. The thick poster board stock looks good, and there are no folds or wrinkles. It will be one of those posters that will be difficult to frame as the size exceeds the sizes of all common frames. There were no issues with color reproduction either. This poster print will look great framed in a kid’s room.