Fancy photos to magnet on your fridge

Bored of ordinary printed photos? Looking for something that says .. ‘I LOVE this photo’? Look no further, we have what you need. Photo magnets are the perfect way to create a little something special with a very cool photo.

Photo magnets for fridge

Take your favorite photos and turn them into personalizable magnets in seconds. Just head over to the photo gift catalog, choose magnets and your size, and then add your photo. Tap-Tap-Done! What’s more? Your photos will be ready for in-store pickup at your local store, CVS and Walgreens, in less than one hour.

Your custom magnetic photo will adhere to any flat metallic surface. Just like a regular magnet.

Create a photo magnet

Funk up that refrigerator with a mosaic of photo magnets using several different photos. Choose photos from one event or a bunch of random photos that remind you of a special time. Spruce up the inside of your school locker with a photo of your school sweetheart in a magnetic frame. You’ll be all aflutter every time you reach in for your books.


Framed Magnets at Walgreens

Available for pickup at Walgreens in sizes 4″x6″ or 4″x4″

From $6.99 / ea.

CVS Photo Magnets

Available for pickup at CVS in 4″x6″ size

From $2.99 / ea