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11x14 Canvas Print

$49.99 each
  • 11x14
  • Printed on high quality paper
  • Glossy or matte paper
  • Fast & safe photo transfer
  • Manufactured exclusively in the United States

Why 11x14 Canvas Print is a good choice

The perfect gift for your home decor

This 11″ x 14″ premium canvas print adds a contemporary decorative touch to your home decor. The contemporary design features professionally printed photographic elements and colorful accents for a stellar wall display.


11×14 Canvas: review

With the large 11×14 size of this stand, you’ll have plenty of room to display your favorite image without being confined by frame edges. We create your print using UV-protected ink on photographic archival paper, which offers great colors and high gloss. Our skilled technicians then stretch the print on a solid wooden frame using heat-resistant glue that will last for years. Your canvas will arrive ready to hang on a wall in your home or office, so you can enjoy it for years to come.


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