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Print your photos from anywhere, at anytime with Picta!

Enjoy a One hour pickup at your local store

A trusted Walgreens partner since 2013, customers are able to print their photos via either 1-hour pickup in-store or home delivery directly to their doors through our mobile apps or website. We added CVS as a partner with the Minute Photo app and website in 2019 and printed 50 million photos that same year! The Picta app is our newest addition to the family and allows 1-hour photo printing at Walmart!

Print Photos from your Phone

Dedicated to helping you enjoy the moments that you so lovingly capture with your phone, Picta is the easiest way to print photos. Our simple to use applications allow you to choose, crop & order photos from your phone in seconds. Receive your professionally printed photos at home or use the 1 hour in-store pickup service at Walgreens, CVS and Walmart.

It’s never been easier to print photos or create personalized photo cards, canvas prints, posters, magnets and more. Just choose your pick up or delivery method and go!

photo custom poster

Where to print photos? No worries, we've got the solution!

Knowing where to print your photos can be difficult sometimes whether you are wondering about the quality of the photo printing service, the cost associated with prints, canvas, etc., and when you will get your photos ready.

With all these questions in mind, we partnered with the most well known and best brands to help you print your photos from anywhere within the United States, at an affordable cost and give you the possibility to receive your online order at home or pick it up in 1 hour only at your local store.

Everything you want to know about photo printing and same day pickup

  • Q: Where to print photos?


    Once you have installed our mobile app, you can order your photos in-store and pick them up within one hour. While you are in-store, you can shop for the perfect frames to display your new prints – there are loads of different options to choose from, with something to suit everyone.

  • Q: Is photo print fast?


    Our simple software makes it quick and easy to print your photos. It can be done from your computer or straight from your phone. There’s nothing stopping you from walking into one of Walgreens, CVS, or Walmart stores and pick your photos at the photo counter. When you are ordering online, you just upload your favorite pics, decide on the size and style of print you want, and off you go. Your phone storage will thank you!

  • Q: How to print photos from iPhone?


    Make sure to give our app access to your photo library in order to select and print your best memories. It’s as simple as that. We do not store or use your photos for other purposes.

  • Q: How to print photos at CVS?


    Download our iPhone or Android app and pick up your photos at your nearest CVS store. Once you have selected your photos to print, you just have to pick a store that best suits you.

  • Q: How to print photos at Walmart?


    Walmart has a total of more than 4000 stores in the US: you can pick up your photos in the store that is around the corner from you. You can download our iOS application to place your first order!

  • Q: How to print photos at Walgreens?


    You can pick up your best memories at Walgreens in about 9000 stores all around the US! Select the store that’s more convenient for you to pick up your order. Download our dedicated photo print app.

  • Q: What is same day photo printing?


    Same-day photo printing means that you can place your photo order and pick it up in 1 hour (usually less) at your nearest Walgreens, CVS, or Walmart store.

  • Q: On which medium can I print my photos?


    Among the traditional prints, you can print your photos on a various mediums such as posters (perfect to decorate a room for instance), custom cards (add a quote or a special message), canvas (to personalize your home interior), and fridge magnets!

  • Q: Is in-store pickup faster than home delivery?


    Yes. If you order your photos online and select in-store pickup, you will be able to get your order within the next hour at Walgreens, CVS, and Walmart. Otherwise, home delivery will take 3 to 5 business days to receive your order in your mailbox for the fastest method we offer

  • Q: How much does a photo print cost?


    Prints are more affordable at Walmart, starting at $0.19 for size 4×5.3 and from $0.39 at Walgreens and CVS for 4×6 size. Find all the sizes and prices on our dedicated page.

Have your photos, wall art and photo gifts delivered to your door or printed for same-day pickup at your local Walgreens, CVS, or Walmart.

Printing photos online has never been easier with Picta App. We are consistently improving our mobile app for each of our partner to make sure to provide you with the best experience possible, from selecting your photos to in-store pickup (or home delivery).

We have designed photo gifts to let you celebrate every occasion you wish to remember by printing your best photos. Prices to print photos are available by partner: Walgreens, CVS, and Walmart so you can select the best deal for you as well as select the nearest store to enjoy our 1 hour local pickup.