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Disney Quiz : Do you really know your classics?

Calling all Princes and Princesses, Knights and Queens! Are you a real fan of all things Disney? Take our Disney quiz and find out!

Let’s be real, everyone has watched a Disney movie at least once. There are the childhood fanatics who can karaoke any song, and there are the others who are still binge-watching them during a long weekend or rainy days. Tale as old as time … am I right?

take our disney quiz and print your disney memories with Picta
Image by Patricia Ferreira

Do you think you know all the facts about Walt Disney movies?! Test your trivia and see how many questions you can answer! Are you ready to take our Disney quiz?

Let's start your Disney quiz!


evil queen in snow disney movie picta quiz

Image by Pixar / Disney

What does the Evil Queen in Snow White & the Seven DwarvesΒ say?

Image by Pixar / Disney

What is the name of the monkey in Aladdin?

Image by Pixar / Disney

Who kills Mufasa in the Lion King?
The aristocats Picta disney quiz blog

Image by Pixar / Disney

What is the name of the mouse inΒ The Aristocats?
The lion king disney quiz Picta blog

Image by Pixar / Disney

Finish the lyrics! "Hakuna Matata, what a wonderful phrase ..."
Picta blog disney quiz

Image by Pixar / Disney

What is the type of flower in Beauty and the Beast that loses its petals?
Cinderella Disney movie Picta blog quiz

Image by Pixar / Disney

What is the name of the cat in Cinderella?
Frozen Picta Blog quiz

Image by Pixar / Disney

In Frozen, how many brothers does Hans have?
Sleeping beauty Picta blog Disney Quiz

Image by Pixar / Disney

InΒ Sleeping Beauty, what were the two magic gifts that the fairies gave to Prince Phillip?
Captain Hook Disney Picta Quiz Blog

Image by Pixar / Disney

InΒ Peter Pan, which hand does Captain Hook lose to the crocodile?
Pinocchio Disney Quiz Picta Blog

Image by Pixar / Disney

What is the name of the puppeteer in Pinocchio?
101 Dalmatiens Picta quiz Disney blog

Image by Pixar / Disney

How many puppies do Perdita and Pongo have in 101 Dalmations?

Image by Pixar / Disney

What was Mickey Mouse originally called?
Quiz Disney Picta blog Toy Story picture

Image by Pixar / Disney

Before joining Woody and the gang in Toy Story, where was Buzz Lightyear stationed?

Thanks for playing with us today! Enjoyed that Picta Disney quiz and want more? Check out our quiz section on our blog for more quizzes! Or if you’re looking for something a little more hardcore try TriviaTime‘s Disney quiz – we bet you’ll lose!

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    I got them all right!!! I love Disney and I was suppose to go but the corona came and ruined it πŸ™


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