Picta Designer Program


Picta Designer Program

Where the magic happens ... Discover our amazing community of designers and learn how to join the program.


Picta Designer Program

Are you an independent artist or graphic designer looking for a place to sell your art? Look no further - join our artist community today! It’s easy to share your creative vision with the world and earn a commission while you are at it.

Join the Designer Program

How it works:


Get in touch

Showcase your personality and style! Apply here to submit your portfolio and we will get back to you shortly.


Create your profile

Your application was accepted – great ! Your next steps are signing the contract and sharing your designs. We will, in turn, create your designer page, add your creations to our apps and websites.


Spread the word

In addition to the visibility Picta generates for your art, share your designer page with your followers to earn a bigger commission.


Live off your art

Reach a wider audience and get your sales report monthly. Get insights into what sells best and start earning your commission.



Submit new designs

Program advantages includes:
1. No deadlines
2. Retain full artistic ownership
3. Get lots of exposure


Get inspired by the community

Join our Picta chat group and exchange opinions and creative tips to earn more and expand your audience!

Frenquently Asked Questions about the Picta Designer Program

  • Q: Which product sells best?


    Cards and wall art. We are constantly working on adding new products on which to display our designers’ creations.

  • Q: How much can I make selling with Picta?


    The total amount of commission you can make depends on how well your design sell.
    We have, therefore, created an incentive-based commission system to reward designers’ investment in the program. There is a base commission for sales generated by Picta and a higher commission on sales generated by designers.

  • Q: How do I get visibility with Picta?


    If you join our Picta Designer Program, you will get your own designer page to share and help grow your audience. Multiply the point of sales of your creations through our websites and applications.
    Don’t worry, our marketing team will help you along the way with tips & tricks to keep it simple.

  • Q: Do I need a business license to sell with Picta?


    No license or business number needed to start selling with Picta! It’s easy as a 1,2, 3. Fill out the form, send us your portfolio, and you’re on your way to earning money from your amazing designs! Of course, if you already have a business number, you can use it to invoice us.