How to get back to “normal” life after quarantine

May 19th, 2020

It’s been the question on everyone’s mind lately …. Some more than others (we’re looking at you, moms and dads who have a newfound appreciation for your kids’ teachers!)! After a shaky couple of months, some states are ready to start reopening businesses and getting back to the way things were before COVID19.

Obviously some things will continue, like social distancing and limiting physical contact, like handshakes and hugs. Here at Picta, we are still hard at work on our website and apps to make it easier than ever for you to print photos from the safety of your home for 1-hour pickup, or even shipped directly to your front door with home delivery! This way you can enjoy all your photos and gifts, while still respecting guidelines set in place and keeping those 6 feet apart from everyone. Life’s a dramatic romance film and I’m Rapunzel in my tower just trying to buy my toilet paper and replenish my stash of chocolate without getting too close to people!

Somethings might not change, and for the better! It’s time to Preserve even what we think are the little moments with our loved ones, because it turns out the little moments might be the big moments. I’m thinking about how much more often we call our families, friends, grandparents, cousins … if you’re anything like me and going a bit stir crazy in your shoebox-sized apartment, you’ve been calling people like you’re a phone operator in the 40s in Spain (or perhaps I’ve just binged too much Cable Girls these past few weeks)! Truthfully, I don’t want this aspect of post-coronavirus life to change because I admit, I’m not always the best at staying in contact!

Let’s keep the 5 pm happy hour Zooms with our girlfriends from college who are dispersed across the country, and let’s continue to call our moms while we’re on our daily walks just to leave the house, and let’s keep calling our brother on Facetime even if he sets the phone down to “check something out in the garden” and you end up staring at the ceiling for a good 5 minutes. I for one will try to keep this great communication up since I too live far away from loved ones.

I also have had a tendency to seek out the good news in these rather dark times. John Krasinski started a news show that features only good news, tanksgoodnews on Instagram brightens up my timeline and reminds me about all the good in this world. I’m going to make an effort to keep spreading positivity to keep my head above the dark clouds! The fact that we were able to collectively close the hole in our ozone layer in just a few short months, the fact that China has clear blue skies for the first time in a while, the animals that are wandering around zoos with no people to say hi to their animal friends … all these are reminders to me that there is always a bright side!

So keep your head up, fellow social-distancers, as we can see the light at the end of the tunnel! It’s pretty amazing how a global pandemic can give us perspective and help us to see and focus on what’s really important in our lives. And even as we head back to life “as normal”, let’s not forget to keep the good from this situation … while still keeping 6 feet between us!

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