How to send a postcard

How to send a postcard if you are on vacation or on a trip

Summer means one thing, vacations and traveling! If you’re anything like me you love collecting and sending postcards to friends and family. Postcards can be a great way to remember your trip or your vacation for years to come. Share good memories with friends far away!


Creating a Postcard

Sure, you can buy a postcard in the place where you are vacationing, but it can also be rewarding and cool to create a postcard from your own photos! Here’s how to make your own postcard …

  1. Taking the pictures: the first step in creating your memorable postcard! I can be really picky about the photos that I take on vacation and even more when it comes to choosing a photo for a postcard. I want the card to best sum up my vacation whether it be a beach trip, a camping adventure with the fam, or spring break with the girls!
  2. Once you’re happy with the shot (you can even add in filters to touch up that sunrise!), the next step is choosing your card. The Picta Photo app has hundreds of designs ranging from “Thinking of You” cards to “Miss You” to even “Summer” – there’s something for everyone!
  3. After you’re happy with your design, you can print your 5×7 photo postcard at the Walgreens or CVS closest to you!
  4. You can handwrite a note on the back of the card, or if you have access to a printer, you can even print one out!
  5. Make sure to leave space on the right-hand side for the address
  6. To fill out the address, make sure to include the name, address, and country of the recipient! If the postcard is going to another country, make sure there is the necessary information to make sure it gets there!
  7. Purchase a stamp and drop your postcard in the mail! Your recipient will love receiving a personalized postcard from you!
  8. Or, save your postcard and put it in a scrapbook or hang it on the wall to remember your vacation!


What to Write in My Postcard

Your postcard is the perfect way to explain what you did on your vacation or send some sunny thoughts to friends and family back home! Here are some ideas

  • Write about the different activities you did! Did you go skydiving? Windsailing? Skiing?
  • Write about what you saw. Maybe you spotted a whale from your hotel or saw a rabbit in the woods
  • Write about what you ate. Describe the life-changing sushi you had in Japan or that time you tried frog legs in France!
  • Explain how much you miss the person. It is not always easy to go on trips away from your loved ones. A little note to let them know you are thinking of them is always appreciated!


How to Send a Postcard

To send your postcard, make sure you have the recipient’s name and address written on the back of your postcard. You will also need a stamp to make sure the postcard arrives!

Head to the closest post office to send your postcard. If you are outside of the country, you may want to purchase your stamp directly at the post office to make sure you buy the right one. The drop it in the mailbox and you are food to go!