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Halloween Crafts and Projects

October 15th, 2020

As we enter into the spooky season that October brings, for me, this always signifies the time to break into my DIY-side with Halloween crafts and projects.

From scrapbooking to arts and crafts with the kiddos, to just getting my house decorated with different projects – there’s so much you can do to get in the autumn mood and the spirit of the season!

Keep reading for my favorite scrapbooking layouts for Halloween and beyond, as well as a super cute Halloween craft to get the whole family involved in! A personalized scrapbook album is a perfect way to get the whole family involved in a fun activity!

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Scrapbooking Inspiration: My Favorite Autumn Layouts

picta halloween scrapbook boo

This first design is a BOO-tiful design! With ghosts everywhere on the page, add in a few pictures from the phantoms of Halloweens past and you are good to go!

Scrapbook design by anything-could-happen

picta halloween scrapbook trick or treat

This second idea is similar, using orange and black to really get the Halloween craft and project feel across! I love the idea of using different shapes and sized photos to create a modern effect.

Scrapbook design by creativecucina

picta halloween scrapbook

This third idea is super fun and simple! The design incorporates some elements of purple which is a fun way to add some more color into your album. Did you see the little bat stickers fluttering around?

Scrapbook design by trishd

picta halloween scrapbook thankful

This final scrapbook layout is fall-fun! I love the minimalistic approach with the tree leaves that spell out “thankful”. It really reminds me how grateful we can be for the little things this season!

Scrapbook design by karencrops.com

So there you have it, my fellow scrapbookers! Which layout was your favorite? Do you have a Halloween or fall-themed scrapbook design you like? Tag us on the Picta Instagram @pictaphotoapp or drop me a line with your final product here – rose@pictarine.com

Bonus scrapbooking tip – In a hurry? Our card templates can be used in a pinch to spice up your scrapbooking pages with pre-made overlays for every season! Check them out here.

A fun Halloween craft idea

When I say Halloween, what do you think of … bats, witches, skeletons, oh my! This fun spider craft is a fun way to decorate the house, and get in the spooky spirit!

picta spider hat craft

Craft idea from livecrafteat

1. Get some black construction paper

Cut strips of construction paper to make the base of your hat! Have the kiddos measure each others’ heads to get (approximate) sizes to cut the paper. My boys had a blast comparing their head sizes!
Next, cut out 8 “leg-sized” strips of paper (about 1 inch thick) and bend them back and forth, accordion-style.

picta halloween spider craft

2. Glue the base of the hat

Then, using tape, school glue, or even a glue gun (adult help needed!), create a circle with the first piece of construction paper. Next, attach the other strips that we previously folded to create the legs.

picta halloween spider craft 3

3. Decorate

You can get creative with this next part. Add in eyes with googly eye stickers, pompoms, markers, glitter …. the choices are endless. We also thought it would be fun to add glitter onto the spider’s legs for a sparkly surprise!

picta halloween spider craft 4

4. Ta da! The final product

We had a blast wearing our new spider hats around the house the rest of the day. Don’t forget to take pictures of the your masterpiece. The best part? They are ready to pick up in 1-hour at your local Walgreens, CVS, or Walmart!

And don’t forget to check out our other great products! We think spooky, spider hats make a fun and festive Halloween card to send to loved ones far away!

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