special personalized cards - gifts for loved ones far away

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Gifts for Loved Ones Far Away

October 7th, 2020

We hate to hash out the whole Corona-thing again … but it’s not the easiest to think of gifts or even send them when friends and family live far away! As the holidays slowly but surely approach, like us, you’re probably beginning to make your list and check it twice! Whether it’s COVID-related, or you just need help thinking of ideas for presents for those who don’t live close to you, check out this guide for gifts for loved ones far away.

These gifts are mailbox-sized and are perfect for easy shipping! With the Picta Photo Print app, you can easily print your photo gifts and even customize them!

prints of all sizes - gifts for loved ones far away

Prints of all sizes

Small prints, square prints, prints of cats, prints of your family in matching hats (ok I’ll stop the cheesy Dr. Seuss poem while I’m ahead)! In any case, we’ve got ’em all in the app! Take pictures of your family — the kids are growing up so quickly! — to send to Grandma and Grandpa who live across the country. Choose your prints, add in the shipping address and that’s all there is to it! Your prints are delivered directly to the front door, the perfect gifts for your loved ones far away.

spotify album cover - gifts for loved ones far away

Create a special gift

Or, take this trend that we’ve been seeing everywhere on social media (we loved A Girl and a Gluegun‘s tuto!) and put your own special spin on it! Take a picture of you and the gift-getter (friends, parents, cousins, kids, significant others) and print it out in a square print. Then, using a piece of glass from a photo frame, and a template or a steady hand, trace the outline of the Spotify player to create an “album cover”. This is the perfect personalized gift! (bonus points if you add in the scannable Spotify code).

special personalized cards - gifts for loved ones far away

Personalized photo cards*

From Thinking of You card designs to Christmas cards to Birthday and Pet-themed cards … there’s really something for everyone! Add in your photo and tap, tap, done! Your card is ready to be sent to whomever you want! Our photo cards come in flat, folded, and even double-sided cardstock! Our cards are designed by our in-house designer, as well as a partnership with Posh Paper!
*product only available on the Picta Photo Print and Picta Minute Photo app for the moment

posters - gifts for loved ones far away

Posters to make memories pop!

I think this is such a good idea for a gift for a boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse who is far away at the moment! Print out your favorite memory of the two of you in poster size (we’ve got a variety so there is something for everyone!) to send directly in the Picta app to their house!

matte 8x10 print - gifts for loved ones far away

Bigger is better!

Our 8×10 prints are the perfect size to offer as a lovely gift! Add in the fact that our home delivery orders can be printed as matte prints, and you’ve got an easy and fabulous idea to send a smile as a gift! Classy, easy and heartfelt.

quotes - gifts for loved ones far away

Quotes to put your feelings into words

Sometimes we don’t have the words to express how we feel, and that’s ok! Check out the Quotes section in the app to access our hand-chosen, specially-designed quote gallery. You can simply select the quotes that you love and they are added to your cart, ready to be printed and sent! Quotes can also be an excellent source of inspiration for students, young moms, working women, and more! Versatility, what more can you ask for!

It can sometimes be hard to choose gifts for loved ones far away, but we hope this gift guide has given you some ideas to get the gears turning in your head. Let us know what your favorite gift idea was! Do you have other ideas? Let us know, or send an email to rose@pictarine.com – we love to hear from you!

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