Photo Print 101: Prints at Walgreens

How to use the Photo Print app to print photos to Walgreens in 1 hour [Draft]

At its very essence, Photo Print is a photo printing app, duh! 😉 Our intention is to provide you will the easiest experience so that you can get your photos out of your phone and into your hands under an hour with Walgreens same day pickup! There are, of course, a ton of things you can do with your digital photos, but let’s start with the basics: how do you print your photos:

  1. Start by selecting the photos you would like to print by tapping on the desired images.
  2. Go to your cart to review your photo selection.
  3. Select or modify the print formats you want for each photo and verify the automatically applied crops.
  4. When you are satisfied with the preview of your prints, proceed to checkout.
  5. Select your Delivery Mode to either use same-day In-Store Pickup at the Walgreens of your choice or Mail Shipping to have your photo prints sent to your home or the address of your choice!
  6. Once you have selected the delivery mode, enter your contact information. (The amount of information necessary for your order depends on the chosen delivery method. If your prints are shipped, you will need to provide a complete mailing address with the address, zip code and state. If you choose to pick up your order at a Walgreens store, you must select the store you would like to use.)
  7. Tap on the SUBMIT ORDER button when you are finished!

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