Selecting a Store for Pickup

How to select a Walgreens, CVS or Walmart store for pickup

A store is selected for pickup at checkout. Edit your pickup location and search for a store by either using the address or the map.

Searching by address

Use the search bar at the top of your screen to either enter the exact Walgreens store address, the street name, or the city. Then tap on the List button on the left side of the street to review stores that correspond to that search criteria.

Once you have found your store from the list, tap on the “SELECT THIS STORE” button in red at the bottom of your screen.

Select a store with the map

You can also search for a store directly on the map. Use the geolocation button to find stores around you in an instant. Zoom in on the map by placing two fingers on the map and moving them away from each other or zoom out by doing the opposite pinching movement. You can also zoom in by simply double tapping on the screen and then slide the map around with your fingers to view the localization of the stores. Tap on the Walgreens “W” icon on the map to select a store before clicking on the “SELECT THIS STORE” button in red at the bottom of your screen.

NB: Once you’ve selected a store you will return to the checkout screen. Be sure to verify that the correct store is listed in the Pickup Store Information section.

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