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Removing Photos & Unwanted Formats

How do I remove different format options or photos from my cart?

Print to Walgreens

  1. Photos added to the cart are automatically sized either as a 4×4 or 4×6 depending on whether the original image is square or a rectangle. However, simply choosing a different format will not remove the initial 4×4 or 4×6.
  2. Should you only wish to order a 5×7, 8×8, or 8×10, tap on the unwanted format and use the — (minus) button to remove that size from your cart.
  3. If you no longer want to order the selected photo at all, you can remove the image from your cart by doing the same thing. For each selected format tap on the — button until you reach 0. When there are no copies selected in any size for a photo, a message will appear informing you that the photo is about to be removed from the cart. Tap “Yes” and the image will be removed from your order.
  4. Alternatively, if you have selected TONS of photos and have multiple formats for each image, here’s a quick tip: return to your gallery by tapping on the < (back arrow found on the top left of your screen) and unselect the photos that have a red checkmark. The images will also be removed from your cart.

Print to CVS or Walmart

  1. Once a photo is added to your cart, simply tap on the — button in your cart until the “Remove” button replaces it. Tap “remove” and the print is removed from your cart!
  2. Changing photo format or sizes has never been easier! Tap the 3 dots next to the print size and choose between “Change Size & Product” or “Add in Another Size” depending on your preference!