Differences Between Print Finishes

What are the differences between the type of print finishes?

What are the differences between the type of print finishes? Discover more in-depth comparisons in our Matte vs Glossy Photos article.

The main difference between the two finishes is the shininess of the photo. The paper used for each finish is different and they, therefore, feel different to the touch. When choosing which finish to use, consider the following effects of both options:

  1. Glossy: This finish is available for orders purchased with in-store pickup or home-delivery. The paper feels smooth and the shiny aspect enables pictures to appear sharper and for their colors to seem deeper and more saturated. Glossy prints are great for digital photo printing, especially for vivid, colorful images!
  2. Matte: Matte prints are only available for shipped orders. The photo paper, often associated with professional photographers, does not have the luminous, shiny look of glossy prints. This allows colors to appear more subdued and for the texture of an image to be more noticeable. Matte photos are stunning for detailed photos, portraits, and black-and-white prints. As this paper does not give off a glare, they are great for photo albums and have the advantage of being less prone to finger smudges!

You can choose between glossy or matte finishes at checkout before you submit your order.

You’ll find the Prints Finish options right after you choose the delivery mode.

Please note that the matte finish is only available for shipped orders. Should you tap on the matte option, the delivery mode will automatically be switched to mail shipping.

However, if you retap on the glossy finish, the delivery mode will not be automatically returned to in-store pickup as glassy prints are also available for shipped orders.

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