Can’t See My Photos in the App

Why can't I choose which photos are displayed in the Picta app

When you download the Photo Print app, we ask for permission to access the photos saved to your phone. This simplifies and speeds up your photo printing experience by allowing you to immediately search for, select and add images you want to print to your cart. No need to import photos one by one into the app!

We suggest allowing access to all your photos so that you can choose which you want to print and to avoid the dreaded problem of not seeing your photos in the app!

The photos you see in the gallery have not been copied to the app, but are merely a mirrored view of what is saved to your phone’s primary photo app be it Google Photos on an Android, the Photos app on an iPhone, etc.

Note: Your photos are not uploaded to our server when you download the app. Only photos that are selected and ordered are then saved to our server for printing.

Because it is only a preview of the photos saved to your phone in the app’s gallery, it isn’t possible to delete them via the app. The only way to remove the photos from your gallery would be to delete them completely from your phone.

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