Modify Shipping Address

I need to change or modify the address for my home delivery order

When you submit your order, a popup will ask you to confirm the shipping address. Once confirmed, it is very difficult to modify this address before the order is printed and shipped. We ask that you, therefore, take the time to review your mailing address before tapping the submit button for your order in the checkout screen.

After an order is submitted, you will receive an email informing you that “Your order is being printed!” This email contains the mailing address that was saved for your order. Should you notice a mistake or that information necessary for the delivery is missing, please send an email to [email protected] so that we can try and update your address before the order is shipped.

Returned orders

Please note that we cannot guarantee that address modifications will be processed before an order is dispatched and that any incomplete or inaccurate shipping addresses will most likely result in a delivery delay or for your order to be returned to our lab.

If our support team has already been notified of the error in your address, please feel free to use the Support System link at the bottom of your order confirmation email to change your address by following the first prompt “Where is my order?”. If we have not been notified of the problematic address prior to the return, our support team will contact you to confirm the correct address and get your prints re-dispatched.

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