Changing Print Formats

Changing Print Formats at Walgreens

Getting the right-sized photo print can sometimes make or break an order. It is understandably frustrating to pick up your prints only to find that the photo won’t fit in its destined frame!

To help prevent such a scenario from playing out, here is a step-by-step guide for making sure the prints you get are in the exact format you intended them to be.

Photo formats

  1. Six formats are available: wallets (2×3), 4×4, 4×6, 5×7, 8×8 and 8×10
  2. Print sizes are measured in inches

The initial format in the cart

Selected photos are automatically sized either as a 4×4 or a 4×6. To add a different size print for a photo, tap on one of the other format buttons listed under the picture. Use the + button below the photo to manually increase the number of copies you wish to order for that size print of the photo.

The newly selected print size will be added to the cart below the initial 4×4 or 4×6 size. You can remove the initial format from your cart using the — (minus) button. If you tap on the minus button when there is only 1 copy for a given size, that format for the photo will be removed from the cart.

Changing the orientation of a photo

It is possible to change the orientation of photos so a 4×6 “portrait” style print can also become a 6×4 “landscape” style print.

Next to every photo in your cart, you will see a crop button.

When you tap on this button, the black frame indicating the photo print crop rotates. Tap on the same button again to flip back and forth between a landscape or a portrait orientation like the example below:

Changing Print Formats at CVS or Walmart

With our fresh, new app … it’s easier than ever to change and adjust your print format!

In the Gallery

Select the photo or photos you wish to print from your photo gallery. Then tap the button that appears on the bottom left “Print 4×6” to change the format of the selected photos. Then tap “Add to Cart” to add this format to your Cart.

In Your Cart

Tap the three little dots to the right of the print size in your cart. Then tap “Change Size & Product” or “Add in Another Size” depending on your preference. From there, a window will pop up to allow you to select a different size or a different photo product!

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