Add Photos to Cart

How to I add photos to my cart to print?

When you download the app for the first time, a pop-up message or a screen will ask you to grant the app permission to access the photos saved to your phone.

Adding photos to your cart

Once you’ve granted access, you can start tapping on photos to add them to your cart. Selected photos will have a checkmark or bag icon displayed on top, and the shopping bag displayed at the bottom of your screen will show the number of selected photos.

This is the gallery or All photos section and includes all of your locally saved photos. It can be accessed from other screens by tapping on the first button on the left bottom-side of the screen.

If you prepared an album of photos that you want to print or have shared albums on the Cloud, these can be accessed in the Albums section with the button to the right of the Gallery button. For CVS and Walmart users, this is found in the Gallery section at the top.

Photos missing in app

  1. Pictures saved directly on your phone are displayed in the app. Photos are organized in reverse chronological order, with the most recently taken photos being displayed at the top.
  2. Photos saved to the cloud or found in other applications like Instagram or DropBox won’t be visible.
  3. It's possible, however, to add these photos to your locally saved photos, so they appear in the Photo Print app.
  4. If you cannot find a particular photo that you want to print, determine first where the missing image is located.
  5. You may need to save this photo from Facebook, Instagram to your phone’s gallery. Alternatively, if someone sent you the photo, you can save the image from the email or text message.
  6. If the photo is saved to the cloud, you can download it back onto your phone, and it will appear in the app.
  7. How you download those photos to your phone depends on which cloud you're using.
  8. Each cloud is different and has its own procedure. It would be best to log onto the cloud where your photos are stored to understand its procedure.
  9. Once the photo is saved locally on your phone, our app will automatically rescan your phone’s photos when opened and will add the new images to your gallery.

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