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DIY Photo-Ornament cubes under $3!

Here’s a quick gift / Xmas tree decoration idea we love: DIY ornaments!

fun and easy DIY photo christmas ornament cubes
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There are so many options for great holiday gifts with photos, but this DIY Photo-Ornament craft idea is just so cute that you may want to keep it for yourself (or make many to give them away too)!

All you need is a four-picture square collage from the Creations section of a Picta photo printing app and a 2-inch wood cube, a screw eye bail and some ribbon from your favorite craft store! For less than $3 you’ll have a meaningful Christmas tree ornament. Check out the tutorial that inspired us!

Download the Picta Photo app today to make your photo collage! Pick it up at your local Walgreens on the same day, or have it mailed to you at home.

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